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Companion Plants for Cucumbers

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Companion plants for cucumbers are plants that support the growth of cucumbers and deter pests from them. There are so many wonderful growing combinations in the garden. For more information about companion planting, check this out. There are so many reasons to think about and plan what to grow together in your garden.

Cucumbers hanging on the vine in the garden with the sun shining through

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Many plants will attract beneficial insects to the garden that will assist your plant in thriving. Many plants will deter the pests that decimate them. Some plants even add nitrogen to the soil that feeds heavy feeders like cucumbers.

Cucumbers are easy to grow. They grow like mad, with a little trellising you can have a bumper crop of yummy crispy crunchy cukes. They are some of my favorites and what I look forward to most every year. One of the main reasons I plant a garden.

Planting cucumbers and tomatoes together

So what plant will help you have the most scrumptious cucumbers ever?

Cucumbers grow well in the warmer season, and so do tomatoes. They also have different make ups or are in different plant families which makes growing them together confusing to pests. They require similar water and sun amounts. Growing them together is a great idea.

Many gardeners think they can’t be grown together because cucumbers don’t grow well with potatoes and other nightshades, but tomatoes work well with them. And after all, aren’t they the stars of the salad together?

Best companion plants for cucumbers

Corn is a great companion plant for cucumbers because it can act as a natural trellis and keep them up off the ground. Corn doesn’t require a lot of water and cucumbers do, so when planted together, the corn won’t drink up all the water the cucumbers need.

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Make sure to start your corn and let it get a little height on it before planting your cucumber seeds. I would let it get a foot or so tall.

A lot of people say planting them with sunflowers is good for the same reasons, but in my experience, nothing I have planted with sunflowers grows well. They secrete a chemical that impedes the growth of other plants, so I don’t recommend that combination.

Peas and beans are legumes which increase the nitrogen in the soil, so eitehr of these are a great companion for cucumbers as they will feed them. Radishes deter cucumber beetles. Carrots, onions, and beets grow well with cucumbers as well.

Beets merely get along well with cucumbers. But carrots and onions both deter pests from the cucumber plants.

eggplant and cucumbers growing along side one another in the garden

Cucumber companion plants

Marigold flowers repel beetles from cucumbers and nasturtiums repel thrips and aphids from them. So they make great companions for most all vegetables and herbs. They are a powerhouse in the garden and should be planted with reckless abandon in the vegetable garden.

Oregano repels many insect pests as well as dill. Dill also attracts tons of predatory beneficial insects to the garden. If you plant dill and cucumbers together, your cucumbers will taste like dill. So if you love dill as much as I do, that’s another benefit.

Catnip, chives, and tansy are also herbs that are great companion plants for cucumbers.

cucumber vine growing up a fence with yellow blooms on it

What not to plant with cucumbers

Potatoes and other nightshades compete with cucumbers for nutrients and water so that combination should be avoided. Cucumbers also encourage potato blight.

Melons will attract the same pests as cucumbers so planting them together will encourage an infestation. It’s best to avoid that combination.

Sage and mint will stunt cucumber growth. Basil will improve the flavor of your tomatoes but NOT of your cucumbers, so avoid planting it with them. These are most of the plants that don’t help cucumbers perform well.

Watch out for cucumber pests, but overall, as long as you give them plenty of water, they are fairly simple to grow. And they make a wonderful addition to your summer table. If you are new to gardening, check this out to get started.

Growing your own food has so many benefits, it’s an important venture to do for yourself, your family, and your community. So give it a try this summer, I promise it will change your life for the better and for good! The garden is a tremendous gift!

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