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Daycare Snack Ideas

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Daycare snack ideas can get a little ho hum. We can get bored with serving the same things over and over again, so get inspired again for snacktime at your daycare. If you’re wondering about the child and adult care food program for daycare providers, check this out.

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Check out this daycare food menu meal planning guide for more ideas on how to plan out your menus well. These resources are going to be a great help to you! And if you want to buy menus already planned out, check out Daycare Time Solutions for monthly menu plans, click on shop all and menu plans for menus that meet food program requirements. Or if you want a sheet with a sample week and shopping list to get you started, check out this planning pack.

Here are a ton of snacks that I collected from a ton of daycare providers.

  • English muffin and banana
  • PBJ and apple slices
  • Yogurt and strawberries
  • Peanut butter and crackers
  • Goldfish and oranges
  • Cereal and raisins
  • Pancakes and peaches
  • Waffles and carrots
  • Cinnamon toast and cucumbers
  • Hummus and pita
  • Apple salsa with cinnamon chips
kids at a table eating daycare snacks
  • Fruit with yogurt dip
  • Veggies and ranch with wheat thins
  • Pretzels and cube cheese
  • Sausage balls
  • Mini muffins and milk
  • Guacamole and celery or carrots
  • Annie’s organic bunnies and yogurt
  • Cheese quesadillas
  • Snap peas and string cheese
  • Pretzles and cheese sauce
  • Why not have the kids make their own snacks. Kids can make their own pretzels, you can do it in bulk and freeze them for later.
  • Homemade pretzels
  • Cat eyes
kids making cat eye recipe for daycare snack
kids at the table spreading cream cheese sauce on graham crackers to make fruit pizza recipe for kids

There are so many great things to let kids make, we even made our cooking lessons into a cookbook and gave it to the parents as a Christmas gift.

Daycare snacks

  • Cubed meat and cheese with broccoli and dip
  • Mac and cheese
  • Plantain chips with peanut butter
  • Dried cherries and wheat thins
  • Dried blueberries and chicken crackers
  • Celery and peanut butter
  • Grilled cheese
  • Cuties and chex mix
muffins on a plate for daycare snacks
  • Bugles and guacamole
  • Cheese nachos
  • Applesauce and cereal
  • Yogurt and cheeze its
  • Graham crackers and peanut butter
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Fruit smoothies and oyster crackers
  • Yogurt with frozen blueberries
  • Homemade trail mix or snack mix with cereal and crackers plus dried fruits or nuts or both
  • Fruit salad with granola
  • French toast and cuties
  • Sweet potato fries and crackers
  • Sweet peppers and graham crackers
  • Bagel and cream cheese with strawberries
  • Egg cups with spinach
  • Rice cakes and applesauce
  • Broccoli and cheddar sauce

Toddler snacks for daycare

Do you like making your kids those cute little daycare snacks that look like stuff? If that’s your bag, then here are a ton of fun ideas for inspiration for fun toddler snacks that are healthy too.

And obviously, older kids can eat cute snacks and toddlers can eat most of the snacks listed above. But a few tips for younger kids. If you are serving carrot sticks, microwave them for 2 minutes or so to soften them.

Also, for kids under 3, make sure you cut them up. The same with grapes, they need to be quartered, not halved, but there is a great grape cutter that quarters grapes and other small foods for kids.

Healthy snacks for daycare

If you’re looking for healthy daycare snacks, here are some great ideas for the top 35 healthy snacks for kids. And even more healthy snacks for picky eaters.

And for even more ideas, check out the ultimate list of snacks for daycare here with over 150 combinations.

Baby snack ideas

Baby daycare snacks can be a little different because they are just learning to eat. Puffs make a great first cereal until baby can handle a little cheerio to grab. A cut up boiled egg is a great finger food. Cooked beans are easy to grab and chew. You can also do small pieces of cheese.

Small pieces of bread would be good and smoothies work as well. Bananas, cut up berries, and apples softened in the microwave are good too. Or you could do yogurt or applesauce. Diced cooked vegetables such as roasted sweet potato chunks or squash can be picked up by baby but are easy to chew up.

Cooked peas and green beans are nice and soft, especially if you use canned. Also, avocado is great. Using frozen fruit that is thawed ensures softer textures for baby to chew and make a great baby snack idea.

Hopefully this list provides you some inspiration to think outside the box with your daycare snack ideas for making your daycare menu in the future.

And for more inspiration for daycare meals that will save you money too, check out these dirt cheap meals for daycare.

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  1. Hi I’m opening a daycare I would like some snack ideas for 1 year olds and lunch ideas to thank you!

    1. Hi Doreen, here is a great list of snack ideas and some lunch ideas too, you can also use the search bar to look for more, I have a ton of articles on it and most meals are appropriate for one year olds. If I serve them grapes or cherry tomatoes or other items like that, I quarter them, if I serve something too hard like baby carrots, I microwave them for about a minute and it softens them up just enough. I don’t serve hot dogs. Just basic safety things make any meal good for a one year old. Thank you for asking!