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Frequently Asked Questions for Oklahoma Childcare Providers

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Are you an Oklahoma childcare provider who needs help navigating all this paperwork? There are always a million forms and where in the heck they are is the question of the day. This post is for you! Hopefully, everything you need is here so you won’t have to search all over the place to find them. Running a home daycare has a lot of ins and outs.

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If you need help navigating the new requirements for 2017, click here for a step by step guide. I hope it can help you. 

For more tips for daycare providers, click here. 

  • The new health and safety video is here

Oklahoma Childcare Licensing

The request for licensing form is not online, you need to request them in person by calling your local DHS office.

Minimum Requirements for a child to enroll include:

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Oklahoma Child Care Rates 

  • DHS Rate Schedule

Oklahoma QRIS Information

CECPD Online

  • The Registry is where your training records are kept, you can print them off here or just look at them.
  • If you do video training, you’ll need to fill this form out: Video Training Form
  • If you’d like a printed copy of all of your training records, you can find that here: Training Record Request

Are you looking for online training? Several sources are listed here:

If you find anything that you are missing, please comment so I can add it. I want this to be YOUR resource for any information you need. My goal for the blog is to be a help to anyone trying to provide care for children. I want to encourage you and simplify your life!

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