Do you have a baby in your life and no idea what would be good baby stocking stuffers for Christmas? Check out these ideas for safe and fun gifts for baby.

Baby Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

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Do you need inspiration for baby stocking stuffers for Christmas? Check out these ideas for safe and fun gifts for baby and give wonderful gifts at Christmastime.

baby mouthing a christmas ornament in a christmas outfit

What kinds of things should we remember when shopping for Christmas gifts for babies? There are a few things. How old is the baby? How long will they be able to use the gift? 

Are the products safe for babies? Obviously, we don’t want to give a Christmas gift for a baby that is a choking hazard, but what about chemicals in and on the product? Keep in mind those things when buying baby stocking stuffers.

Stocking stuffers for babies

There are cute little cans of baby snacks available like puffs or you can even make your own snack treats for baby by finding cute small containers that would toss into a diaper bag with ease and fill them with healthy snacks like raisins, cheerios, pretzel sticks, and goldfish if the baby is a little older like 8 months and up. 

stocking hanging on a hook with small baby gifts inside

Baby soaps and body products come in organic and chemical-free options. You can also find wooden toys and organic cotton clothing, towels, washcloths, bibs, and blankets.

A great baby stocking stuffer would be something cozy to wear. Onesies, footie pajamas, cute little fuzzy baby socks, baby slippers, soft bibs, little t-shirts and pants, overalls, jumpers, and other soft clothing would fit perfectly in baby’s first Christmas stocking. 

Organic cotton pajamas are super comfy and helpful for parents. Baby pajamas are hard to find.

Socks to keep baby’s feet warm would make a great Christmas gift for baby that would fit in a stocking.

An organic cotton bib is very useful for the baby.

Organic cotton washcloths or bath wrap towels are super fun as well. They come in very handy in bathing as well. It’s hard to have enough things like that. The laundry adds up fast with a new baby and having extras of the necessities is a huge gift for the parents as well.

Another thing to consider when buying baby stocking stuffers is play value. You don’t want to buy a Christmas gift for baby and have them play with it for one minute and then lose interest. Baby toys need to be engaging to get hours and hours of play from them.

Also, for baby Christmas gifts, consider educational value. Babies need sensory stimulation to form brain connections for learning. Consider toys that have visual interest, sounds, textures, and even smells and tastes.

A safe plastic pacifier makes an excellent stocking stuffer for babies.

Wooden teethers are great for baby too.

An organic lovey toy that comforts baby makes a great stocking stuffer. This can be a stuffed animal, a blanket, or I’ve seen stuffed animals in a blanket as well. They even have great ones with different textures on each corner that make them an educational toy as well as a comforter.

Baby Christmas stocking 

Wooden toys for babies are a great alternative to plastic. They are sturdy, have far fewer chemicals than plastic and as long as they are painted with safe materials are great for babies to explore, chew on, and play with. Check the package for safety standards. If there aren’t any, maybe choose another gift for baby. 

Board books make wonderful baby stocking stuffers for Christmas time. They hold up to far more wear and tear than regular books and give families great meaningful connections during reading time. Our favorite book to read to our daughter was Goodnight Moon.

Stacking toys are great for eye-hand coordination, motor control, special awareness, and math development.

christmas ornaments on a tree with lights twinkling, baby stocking stuffers

Stroller toys are a wonderful gift that will make great stocking stuffers for babies. There are all kinds of wonderful toys that attach to strollers and other seats for babies. They come in super handy on high chairs where babies may have to wait a bit for food as well.

Not every baby takes to water and bath time like a fish, but most do and bath toys can help babies become more comfortable with bathing. They make great stocking stuffers for infants. Little cups, fish, rubber duckies, blocks and so many other fun things are made for baby’s bath time. 

There are many things that make good stocking stuffers for babies, it just takes a little creativity to think about what would fit in the stocking and look cute but still have value for the parents and the child receiving the gift. I hope you were inspired with ideas to help solve your question. 

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  1. Great round-up! It’s so tough to shop for little kids, with all the overwhelming options around. This post certainly helps:)