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30+ Cucumber Recipes

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Cucumbers are so crispy and good. There are so many ways you can use them. Check out these cucumber recipes for tons of ideas for ways to use your excess cucumbers from the garden.

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When you grow cucumbers in the garden, sometimes you can get overrun with them all at once. Homegrown cucumbers taste amazing. They are much different than those tough, bitter cucumbers at the store. But when you grow too many at once, It’s hard to preserve cucumbers unless you pickle them, so here are some favorite ways to use them in recipes.

Cucumbers are super healthy. They are full of vitamins and minerals. They also have fiber and antioxidants. Their skins are very healthy as well. If you buy store-bought ones with wax on the skins, it’s better to peel them because the pesticides used on the fruit are under that wax and it’s really hard to remove it.

But if they are unwaxed or homegrown, those skins are tasty and healthy for you, so eat them if you like them. Cucumbers are also very hydrating since they are a large percentage water. That juice has electrolytes as well that keep your body healthy.

Of course, you can make pickles out of cucumbers. Check out the recipe I use with the kids.

Cucumbers sliced and ready to pickle in a jar with spices on top

My kids LOVE a marinated cucumber salad recipe that I can’t make fast enough for them. There are lots of salads you can make with cucumbers. Some are creamy and some are vinegary. I love it and love them even more in this cucumber tomato salad recipe. Yummy!

One of my favorite salads is this zesty avocado and cucumber salad. You’re going to be addicted!

Cucumber Feta Rolls are the perfect party appetizer featuring fresh cucumbers rolled around a flavorful feta cheese filling.

Chicken Salad Cucumber Rounds are healthy little bites that are perfect for lunch, a bridal shower, a baby shower, Mother’s Day Brunch, or a simple snack!

Cucumbers as a condiment? Bring it on! This spicy Caribbean style chutney is perfect on grilled fish, vegetables and more.

Thinly sliced, cool cucumbers are layered with mashed avocado and cream cheese spread on whole-grain bread to make this satisfying Cucumber and Avocado Sandwich.

Aguachile Verde is made up of shrimp and cucumber marinated in a spicy Mexican green sauce. Serve cold with saltine crackers or on a tostada.

Filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon, just like a cucumber sandwich without the bread. If you love cucumber salad, this super easy and delicious recipe is a must-try.

This chilled cucumber soup is a delicious way to use the summer’s bounty! Cool and creamy it’s ready in under 15 minutes.

Afternoon tea isn’t complete without cucumber sandwiches, but they’re so good you’ll want to make them on a regular basis for lunch!

Everyone loves these cucumber roll sandwiches! They’re great for lunch, in lunch boxes, picnics, and afterschool snacks!

This spiced CUCUMBER CHAAT is probably the most tongue-tingling and mouth-watering summer street food from India. You can have this as a quick, easy to-go snack.

This cool Greek sauce is most commonly associated with gyros but is great for so much more. Serve as a dip with chopped veggies, slather on grilled meats, or spread on your favorite sandwich.

This cold soup with yogurt & cucumbers is served as a light dinner in several countries of Southern Europe.

Cold cucumber soup with greek yogurt, crunchy veggies, and herbs is the perfect answer for the hot summer. Try this no-cook cold soup recipe that gets ready in just 10 minutes. Healthy and nutrient-loaded cold soup that you can serve as an appetizer, side dish, or healthy main dish. Delicious, gluten-free, and vegetarian cold soup recipe.

These fresh Dilly Cucumber Bites make a great healthy appetizer. Cucumber slices are topped with a fresh dill cream cheese and yogurt mixture and finished with a juicy cherry tomato.

These Quick Kimchi Cucumbers will easily become one of your favorite healthy recipes. The combination of salty and spicy is addicting!

These cucumber roll-ups with garlicky feta & mint filling make for a deliciously refreshing summer starter, light lunch, or barbecue accompaniment. They’re really easy to make too.

These cucumber green goddess wraps are great for lunch or a party appetizer! Cool, refreshing, and loaded with a fresh cucumber flavor.

Cooked cucumber recipes

This recipe is a fun way to enjoy cucumber—grilled! Served with feta, almonds, and mint, it’s a refreshing side dish to pair with any meal.

Baked cucumber chips are yummy for kids and adults.

Cucumber Chicken is an Asian Stir Fry Dish featuring tender chicken and chunks of cucumber in a spicy garlic sauce. Serve it over Jasmine rice to complete the meal.

This Cambodian Pork and Cucumber Soup is easy, fast, and bursting with flavor!

Cucumber chips air fryer

I love my air fryer and have tons of air fryer recipes to share. You can check them out here. But if you want to use your air fryer to cook cucumbers, check out these recipes.

These crispy air fryer cucumber fritters are a crowd-pleaser for sure.

Air-fried cucumber slices are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Cucumber Cake! This delicate green cucumber cake tastes like a lemon sponge with a subtle, refreshing flavor from the cucumber. It’s a summery cake and I’ve topped it with gin icing. The gin gives light botanical flavors to the sweet icing to compliment the lemon and cucumber in the cake.

Cucumber Agua Fresca is a light and refreshing Mexican drink. It goes great with just about any dish.

This cucumber lemon granita is easy to make and refreshing. In this sweet icy treat, the sharp lemon and cool cucumber pair beautifully.

Sekanjabin is a Persian sweet and sour mint syrup that can be a dip for crisp lettuce or can be mixed with water and cucumbers to make a refreshing drink.

Spicy jalapenos and refreshing cucumbers flavor a margarita mixture lending the perfect balance of heat and coolness to our easy spicy cucumber margarita recipe.

The clean taste of cucumber partnered with the burst of cool flavor from fresh mint in this cucumber mint vodka cocktail will certainly cool you off! An easy cocktail recipe that will quickly become a favorite summertime drink, with or without vodka!

This beet greens and cucumber smoothie is absolutely delicious and only has 5 ingredients making it a simple yet satisfying snack. It’s a great way to get kids to eat veggies that they may not touch otherwise.

Thinly sliced cucumbers wtih vinegar cucumber salad

Can I freeze cucumbers?

You can freeze cucumbers, but on their own, they lose all the texture. They won’t be crisp like they are fresh. But you can use them in cooked recipes. Don’t freeze them whole, but shred, slice, puree, or pickle them first. Then you can pop them into cooked recipes or smoothies. They will last in the freezer for several months.

How long does cucumber last?

If you store cucumbers properly, they can last up to 10 days. Fruits and vegetables store better if they have air. They are living, so wrapping them in plastic makes them spoil. That’s why berry containers and veggie wrappers have holes in them.

They also need humidity to last as long as possible. So keep them in the crisper drawers where it’s more humid for best results.

If you brine them in vinegar, they will last a lot longer because the vinegar kills bacteria and prevents spoiling.

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