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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Recipes

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I am loving my air fryer my daycare parents gave me for Christmas. I use it almost every day, so I wanted to share some Ninja Foodi Air Fryer recipes with you to make your life easier-and tastier too! These easy dinner ideas you can make right in your air fryer are going to save you massive amounts of time in the kitchen. Getting dinner on the table tonight has never been easier.

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Ninja Foodi recipes

It takes a little using it to figure out an air fryer if you’ve never used one before, but it’s really simple. I have the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven XL and it’s a dream come true! My daycare parents surprised me with it and I am so grateful.

I had been looking at air fryers, but with cooking for 9 each meal, I didn’t think most of them seemed big enough to cook food for all of my people. So I hadn’t bought one, I just kept researching and trying to figure out if I wanted a basket or oven type.

The thing I love about the oven type is that it can be a toaster, an oven, an air fryer, a roaster, a dehydrator, a broiler, and so much more. I use the air fryer or oven feature daily and it doesn’t heat up my kitchen at all.

I’m so excited to use it this summer instead of turning on the ole oven and heating up the whole kitchen. I think that will be a game changer. The biggest news is that my dream of making 9 pieces of toast at one time is finally a reality!

Nine, friends! Do you believe that. Everyone gets warm crispy toast instead of cold soggy toast.

Anyway, I have made so many things in it already and have a few standbys that are our favorites. But I love continuing to explore it too. I’m working my way through an air fryer cookbook and adapting recipes to meet our tastes too.

My biggest concern about the air fryer was when I asked other daycare providers what they cooked in it and how they liked it, everyone came back with french fries, chicken nuggets. Frozen food…I don’t make that kind of stuff for my kids.

They were excited to tell me that you can make 9 corn dogs in it at once. But I roast broccoli and make homemade bread, and homemade meatballs, and things like that for my kids. So I wasn’t sure it was going to meet my needs. It turns out that air-fried roasted broccoli is one of the best things EVER!

It’s wonderful that it reheats frozen food and leftovers nice and crispy and tasty. But it’s also wonderful that you can make homemade healthy food in it and it’s bombtastic too. It’s an all around heavy hitter in the kitchen, no matter what kind of food you make.

So here are some of my favorite round ups of recipes for the air fryer. I know they are going to change your life the way they have changed mine! So don’t worry about what’s for dinner tonight! We have you covered.

Air fryer beef recipes

Beef, especially ground beef, is one of the most popular meats. The air fryer makes short work of bringing out all the flavor in your ground beef all the way to the best steaks. I’m afraid to say it, but it rivals even the grill!

Check out these air fryer beef recipes.

pork tenderloin sliced on a board

Air fryer pork recipes

Pork is by far my favorite meat and these pork chops are what hooked me for life on my air fryer. No breading, hardly any fat, and these pork chops sang like a fried pork chop my grandma made, but were much healthier. They were tender, juicy, and perfect! Thank goodness I learned about flavor from her.

Check out these including these mouth watering pork chops you can make in your air fryer.

air fryer pork chops with a bite sliced off

Air fryer chicken recipes

Chicken is no less wonderful in the air fryer. There are so many great air fryer chicken recipes here. The chicken strips without breading are my favorite! Be sure to give those a try. Especially these unbreaded air-fried chicken breasts. Oh my! And if you’re on a budget, or like more flavorful meat cuts, these air fryer chicken thighs are it!

My favorite thing in the air fryer is Lemon Pepper Air Fryer Chicken Wings. A great way to enjoy crispy wings with minimal oil! Tossed with a tangy lemon pepper sauce that everyone will love.

And don’t forget the fanciest chicken of all, cornish hens! They are so good in the air fryer, and easy too!

These air fryer chicken taquitos are delicious and kids love them too.

Air fryer fish recipes

I am just recently learning to cook fish. My husband says he doesn’t like it because it’s fishy but he loves tuna fish from a can. Come on…that’s lame. Tuna fish is so much more fishy than any fresh fish or anything else. You like fishy fish, you just think you don’t like what you haven’t tried.

Anyways, here are the best air fryer fish recipes I have found. And they taste a-mazing! Our favorite is the air fryer salmon I’ve perfected!

Air fryer vegetable recipes

The vegetables are by far the biggest game changer of the air fryer for me. We love roasted vegetables. And I have found the best seasoning for roasting a big ole pan of veggies for dinner.

This garlic bread seasoning mix has been such a game-changer in my kitchen. Here are my top air fryer vegetable recipes for your family to try including the best all-around one with this seasoning mix.

And these air fryer smashed potatoes are going to be a regular around your house like they are ours. They are amazing! And for something a little different, try these air fryer avocado egg rolls. You’re gonna thank me!

Air fryer eggs

Check out all these wonderful ways you can prepare eggs in your air fryer too!

And don’t forget these air fryer peanut butter cookies! They are a game changer in easy! And you can even make fun snacks like these air fryer mozzarella sticks! They’re addicting, so be careful!

I hope this list helps you learn all the wonderful ways of your air fryer. It’s one of the handiest pieces of kitchen equipment I’ve seen and I just love it. I can make so many healthy foods.

This round-up of recipes for your air fryer (no matter what kind you have) is going to be a game-changer for you too! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

And for even more air fryer recipes to wow your tastebuds, check out these summer air fryer recipes.

Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet

Download and use this handy air fryer cooking times cheat sheet in your kitchen!

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