I love finding new ideas for process art and this yarn painting for kids is so much fun! Using what you have around the house for art projects is my favorite.

Yarn Painting for Kids

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I love finding new ideas for process art and this yarn painting for kids is so much fun! Using what you have around the house for art projects is my favorite. It’s fun to use paint with kids.

child painting with pieces of yarn at a table outside

I admit that I don’t like really messy play and paint is my least favorite art medium. I also know it’s good for my kids. It’s a great sensory experience. Experimenting with art mediums is great for creativity. It’s a wonderful way to teach colors. Fine motor skills are developed and so much more.

So painting we do! Even things I don’t like, I do with the kids some of the time because it’s good for them. I use washable paints. I try to do it outside if possible. There are ways you can cut down on the mess.

yarn paintings that kids have made on a table, 4 papers.

I know my kids are developing eye-hand coordination. Kids can express emotions and feelings through paint. They can learn new words through painting. They can learn cause and effect. There are a ton of benefits to painting.

Yarn painting

There is a difference between crafts that you give kids a finished product and ask them to make something that looks like that, and art that is the child’s choosing. They are able to create and develop their own sense of style and beauty.

Process art is so important because it lets the child be an individual. It teaches children that they can make something that’s good and not just the teacher. It also teaches them they have power and control inside themselves.

My favorite washable kids paint is Colorations. You can get it from discount school supply or on amazon. It’s the creamiest, most wonderful kids paint. I just love it. They have liquid watercolors that I love as well. It’s my favorite brand of art supplies. The colorations paints are thick and dry smooth like a sticker. You can even paint on a piece of plexiglass and let it dry. Then peel it off and stick it to a window. They are really cool paints.

kids painting on an outside table with yarn

Painting for children

Kids can make cool designs with their yarn pieces. They can lay them down and print, or drag them across the paper to make a different design, almost like a spirograph. They can use a little paint or a lot. There are many ways to be creative with yarn painting. Check out some of these ideas people make.

  • Step 1: Get out your supplies. You’ll need bowls, paints, and cut pieces of yarn. You’ll need paper to print. Also smocks if you like to use them.
  • Step 2: Cover your working surface that you don’t want to get paint on and cover the kids clothes if you’d like.
  • Step 3: Pour paint into the bowls and cut the yard into about 2-foot lengths.
  • Step 4: Give each child some paper and show them how to dip the pieces of yarn.
  • Step 5: Step back and let them create their masterpieces!
close up of yarn painting

There are a ton of other fun things to do with paints. We have really enjoyed:

We even do art parties!

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  1. Hi, This is such a cool art project. I will try it with my art playgroup. By the way, what type of art paper do you normally use? I mean which one would you suggest?

    1. Thanks for checking out the project. We just used regular construction paper, but most any kind will work for this.