The Ultimate Camping Kids Party Ideas

How to Throw the Ultimate Camping Party

Do you ever need a super inexpensive but fun day for your kids? Maybe you’re stuck inside because of bad weather. Maybe you want to show the kids how much fun you can be. Whatever the reason, a camping party is tons of fun!

The Ultimate Camping Kids Party Ideas

I don’t like to do activities with my kids that cost a ton of money because I just don’t have it. I love to make them feel special and give them something to look forward to, but I can’t provide all the lavish things that money can buy to make it special. I have to improvise and use what I already have. I think kids don’t care about fancy stuff or the best of everything. Kids care about you wanting to spend time with them and a camping party is just that.

How to Throw the Ultimate Camping Party

For our special camping day, we started by setting up a tent. We use this tent inside and outside all the time. I just happen to have this one I’ve been using for years, but if you don’t have a tent, throw some blankets over a table or a rope and make your own. Kids love making forts and how much fun to have you get in it with them. It truly makes your camping party special.






Camping party birthday

Camping parties are super fun for a birthday celebration as well as a special day with your kids, either your own, or your daycare kids. A camping party is a great school activity as well. There is so much to learn.

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Camping themed party fun

We started our camping party by texting all the parents and telling them kids could wear their pajamas to daycare. I wore my pajamas for camping day too. The kids love when I participate with them. I love to include families by having the kids do or bring something special. We had a race day today and I had each child bring their “fastest” match box car. This helps parents feel like they are involved in the program. Click here to see more ways to involve families in your program and improve your relationships with them. 

The next thing we did was plan out some camping activities. We built a “fire”, “roasted” marshmallows, had story time (in the dark) and had a picnic lunch in the tent.

We built our fire outside of the tent. We used Lincoln logs for the logs and put some Duplo blocks around them for the rocks to keep the fire in the pit. As the kids were lighting their matches and trying to catch our imaginary kindling on fire, I threw orange Lincoln logs into the fire pit for flames. They loved it!

Roasting marshmallows at the camping party

Then I gave the kids marshmallows on skewers and we “roasted” them for pretend over the fire. You could tell the kid had done it before because they pretended like their marshmallows caught on fire and blew them out. It was so cute. I love seeing how they have learned things by doing them with their families before.

Then we turned off all the lights and closed down all the shades to make it dark in the house. I gave the kids each a glow necklace to wear and we all got in the tent and I read stories to them with a flashlight. We have a shine a light book that made it extra fun.

How to Throw the Ultimate Camping Party

After story time, we ate our picnic lunch inside the tent. It was super fun. I felt really close to the kids like we had bonded around our campfire and in our tent. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, a camping party is lots of fun and it doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a ton of work. I think simple is best. Who wants to kill themselves planning and executing a party when you can have just as much fun doing something simple.

How to Throw the Ultimate Camping Party

A few of my daycare parents sent some super cute camping snacks that we had in the afternoon. That made the party even more special and was more parent involvement for all of us to enjoy. Throw a special party for your kids today. It’s so much fun to participate with them and be a kid too. You will really learn to love parenting or your job as a daycare provider if you learn to let loose and have more fun with the kids. It helps you see how truly valuable they really are.

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Have fun with your camping party. I hope you tell me all about it.

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The Ultimate Camping Kids Party Ideas


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