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15 Sourdough Bread Recipes

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Making homemade bread from scratch is amazing. Check out these sourdough bread recipes. They are so delicious, once you start baking you will want to try them all!

15 sourdough bread recipes with a collage of sourdough breads

Healthy bread recipes

Sourdough is a whole artisan baking medium. But you might not realize there is so much more you can bake with your sourdough starter than just a regular loaf of bread! From dinner rolls to cornbread, bagels, and naan, you can make almost any type of bread you can think of from a sourdough starter.

If you don’t have a sourdough starter right now, but you want to get started making healthy artisan bread recipes, try these beginner recipes:

Once you get your amazing starter, check out these sourdough bread recipes:

beautiful artisan loaf of bread

The easy Sourdough Discard Bread has a crackly crust warmly wrapping a pillowy softness. You get a tiny burst of tang, slightly more than the usual bread with a bit of a chewy underbite. It is bliss like you’ve never tasted.

Sourdough Ciabatta is an Italian white bread with a thin, crispy crust and large, irregular holes. It’s perfect for sandwiches or serving alongside any meal!

Walnut and Raisin Sourdough Bread has a crunchy crust and an airy open crumb. It will exceed your expectations of what a proper loaf could be! Let me introduce you to a grown-up version of cinnamon raisin toast!

Here is a recipe for fluffy and Soft Sourdough Dinner Rolls. They’re so easy to make without a mixer!

This is a Sourdough Bread with Caraway Seeds and Molasses. It’s soft and flavorful.

sourdough naan on a tray garnished with herbs

This Sourdough Naan with Garlic Butter is one of my all-time favorite breads. It’s a little chewy, a little tangy, and goes with just about anything. All you need to make amazing naan at home is a sourdough starter and a cast iron skillet!

These Sourdough Bagels are thick and chewy, but not too dense. I use a combination of sourdough discard and instant yeast to get that delicious sourdough flavor in just a couple of hours!

This Rustic Honey Sourdough Bread is made with all-purpose flour, eggs, and honey to make a delicious and lightly sweetened loaf of sourdough bread ready for sandwiches or simply to be slathered with butter.

sourdough rolls with herbs

These Sourdough Sour Cream & Chive Rolls are soft, fluffy, and super easy to make! They are brushed with lots of chive butter and topped with flaky sea salt!

A simple Basic Sourdough Pan Loaf, baked in a normal loaf tin. This is a great recipe for sourdough beginners and anyone who doesn’t have a dutch oven.

This Sourdough Focaccia with Rosemary and Parmesan is incredibly moist & fluffy with the perfect crust! Flavored with rosemary, garlic oil, and parmesan for the ultimate focaccia bread!

homemade sourdough cornbread in a pan cut into slices

A simple Sourdough Cornbread recipe made with sourdough discard. Sourdough discard gives this quick bread a great yeasty flavor.

Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread is an easy win for breakfast or brunch and is totally divine slathered with a knob of butter, a dollop of jam, or toasted straight up.

What dinner table is complete without some garlic bread? This Gluten-Free Sourdough Garlic Bread is a delicious, vegan, and top-8 allergy-free twist on the Italian classic. Using gluten-free sourdough buns, these garlicky delights are ready in 10 minutes!

beautiful sourdough raisin bread loaf cut in half in a basket

Black tea-soaked dried apricots and cherries, stud this chew & crusty Dried Fruit and Nut Sourdough Bread! Perfect toasted with a little bit of butter!

How to store sourdough bread

You should store your sourdough bread in a cotton bread bag or wrapped in a large tea towel so that the bread can breathe.

Place it in a cool place so it can maintain normal moisture levels. But don’t store it in the fridge. It will dry out and harden right away.

Don’t store your bread in a plastic bag. This will make it gain bacteria and mold quickly.

How long does sourdough bread last

If stored properly, traditional sourdough bread can last four to five days.

Can you freeze sourdough bread

The best storage option for sourdough bread is freezing. Freezing your sourdough bread will help preserve and extend its shelf life. There are two ways. You can freeze the whole loaf or slice it into smaller portions before freezing.

Allow the bread to cool completely. Any warmth will cause excess moisture inside your packaging. It’s great to preslice it so you can just grab the slices you need without thawing out the entire loaf.

Wrap it in aluminum foil and then place it in a freezer bag pressing out all the air to remove it. Then label and freeze. It will last at least 3 months in the freezer.

Remove the bread from the plastic bag and heat it up in a 200-degree oven in the foil to defrost it. Or you can thaw it on the counter overnight. You can also toast frozen bread and thaw it as it’s toasting.

I hope these sourdough bread recipes are the beginning of a new passion for you!

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