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Feather Beading Fine Motor Activity for Daycare

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This feather beading fine motor activity is great for preschoolers and toddlers. You probably have all the supplies, and it’s fun! It’s a great activity for home daycare.

feather beading examples and supplies on a board

Fine motor strengthening activities

Feather beading is easy to set up, and clean up, and builds dexterity. We love it. The feathers make the beds stay on, unlike a string they can slip off of, so it’s less frustrating for the kids too.

And you can teach all kinds of colors, numbers, patterns, science, etc if your kids are older. I love an activity that is versatile and fun at the same time. And the best part is, you can prep the whole deal in 5 minutes or less. That’s my favorite kind of activity! Also, it’s cheap to do.

Pincher grasp activity

This activity works on several grasps including the pincher grasp kids will need to learn handwriting. It’s a great tool to help them have fun while they are building the muscles they need for self-help skills and school success.

white crafting feathers and colored pony beads on a board with some feathers strung with beads

You can use the different sizes and shapes of beads to teach color recognition and science and math concepts such as sorting, patterns, and more.

Holding the feather and the bead requires the child’s two hands to work together or coordinate. Eye-hand coordination and bilateral coordination are needed for so many tasks in the future.

Daycare activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Daycare activities like these are low on mess but big on return for learning and I love that. Plus it’s fun and the kids will stay interested in it for quite a while. They love a challenge and focusing on doing a task like this. And don’t forget how important calming activities for kids can be!

pony beads and white feathers

Beaded feather activity

Supplies needed:

  • Crafting feathers
  • Beads


This activity uses beads, which can be a choking hazard, be sure to carefully supervise this activity with younger children!

  • Offer a small pile of beads and a few feathers to the child.
  • Encourage the child to begin threading beads on the feather.
  • After the child is comfortable threading the beads onto the feathers encourage your child to replicate patterns. You can show the pattern with beads or encourage the child to create their own pattern.

When you are finished with this activity, you might like to store it in a small bin or bag for another day.

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