How can we help build kid’s self-esteem? Teaching them their worth is a start. This all about me dance party for kids is a great start in celebrating kids.

All About Me Dance Party for Kids

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How can we help build kids’ self-esteem? Teaching them their worth is a start. This all about me dance party for kids is a great start to celebrating kids. It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

Young kids dancing together. And homemade microphones.

There are so many things you can study like ladybugs, butterflies, dental health, gardening, Valentine’s day, and so much more, but teaching kids how wonderful and special they are is one of my favorites.

It’s amazing to watch their faces light up and see them taking pleasure in studying themselves. Self-esteem and social skills are two of the most important things kids need to succeed in life and all about me units work on both.

I like you there’s no doubt about it, I like you there’s no doubt about it, I like you there’s no doubt about, you are my good friend.

Then we sing it about each person.

We like Christina, there’s no doubt about it

We like Christina, there’s no doubt about it

We like Christina, there’s no doubt about it

She is our good friend!

Click here to see a version of it I found on the internet. It’s not the same tune, but you can sing it any way you like.

Toddler dance party

This year during our all about me unit, I decided to throw the kids an all about me dance party. The kids loved it.

The day before we decorated. I found a few dance party signs from the internet and printed them out and the kids chose where to hang them up. They love doing stuff like this. I’m not that into decorating, but they sure do get a kick out of it so I let them do it their own way.

I have a disco ball on hand and some flashy lights, so I put those out as well and turned them on for the party. So much fun!

Kids dancing at dance party, preschoolers dancing together.

Dance party for kids

The first activity for the party was dancing! We danced in between each activity to a different genre of music. I feel like kids should be exposed to all kinds of music so we use different things for different events. We did country, classic rock, contemporary Christian, modern love songs, and some classical. The kids loved them all.

kids holding hands dancing around at dance party for kids

Dancing is a great stress reliever, lets us use our energy, is great exercise, and is wonderful for building social skills. Kids should dance as often as they can (and so should we).

The Ultimate All About Me Dance Party for Kids

All about me crafts for kids

After our first round of dancing, we made our faces. I had different colors of faces the kids could choose from. I let them choose whatever color they think they are. You can also get cut out bodies, or even use big bulletin board paper to trace the kids and let them decorate that. We have done all different things here and they all turn out great.

kids coloring themselves all about me crafts

Once they chose the color for their face, we talked about what is on our faces, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. The kids drew their faces however they wanted to.

Another activity we did was designing record album covers. I bought the kids blank album jackets and they got to choose how they wanted to decorate them. I thought they were super groovy and retro. They loved creating their designs.

kids decorating album covers making all about me crafts. using crayons to make their personalized all about me album

Each child chose a name for the album they would create. Some chose country, some chose rock and roll, it was up to each child to determine what they wanted to make.

Record album cover colored and made by kids

Dance party for preschoolers

I made microphones for the kids to take home. We sang with them for a while as well. I printed off some microphone tops that I made on Canva and taped them to mini m and m tubes for handles. I thought I was very clever thinking of that. Ha ha.

Cutting out microphone tops for all about me dance party

I hope you come up with some fun ideas for a dance party for your kids. They will love it and music is life.

Homemade microphones for dance party with m and m minis and a paper topper

This party would be tons of fun for a kid’s birthday party as well. You don’t have to have a daycare to throw awesome parties, they are good for any occasion.

a child with a homemade microphone

For more party ideas, click on the highlighted text below:

We had the most fun at our ultimate dinosaur party for kids. We have also done a circus partycamping party, and art party for kids. All of them tons of fun! If you’re looking for fun summer party ideas or fun sprinkler party ideas, we have those too. We even had a disco party for mom’s night one time that was a hoot.

Some parties we throw for the families every year are our annual gingerbread decorating party and our Easter egg hunt. I love to get families together!

For more ideas for your all about me unit, click here.

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  1. Hey Christina, in regards to your all about me theme. Did you do the dance party one day then color the faces one day and then the microphones one day or did you do that all in one day?

    1. You could do it either way, but for this event it was all in one day like a special celebration. It would be easy to take those ideas and do one a day for a week or two.