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Christmas Themed Breakfasts for Daycare

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There’s nothing more fun for holidays and special days in daycare than making fun festive meals that go with the theme. These Christmas themed breakfasts for daycare are going to be a great hit for your Christmas celebration with your kids.

a collage of Christmas themed breakfasts for daycare

Grab some mini pancakes, fruit and whipped cream and crank out these Mini Santa Pancakes in no time. Your kids are going to go crazy over these cuties!

These adorable Christmas English Muffins are the sweetest faces to wake up to or for the kids to come and find for their special holiday breakfast at daycare.

english muffins decorated like reindeer and snowmen

Daycare breakfast ideas

These Pancake Ornaments are as adorable as they are easy to make. Any child would love these for a special Christmas themed breakfast!

Rudolph Biscuits are a delicious way to start the day during the Christmas season! And they are adorable too!

Try your hand at making this super cinchy Chorizo and Egg Christmas Wreath. Or you could even make mini ones too!

Or give these Christmas Tree Waffles a try. It doesn’t take long to whip up a waffle and it only takes 3/4 of one to make each tree!

waffles shaped like christmas trees

Healthy breakfast for picky eaters

I love whipping up these easy Snowman Smoothies for Christmas breakfast. They have protein, and fruit, they are low in sugar, and aren’t full of artificial ingredients. And kids LOVE smoothies!

This Frozen-themed breakfast post has these Banana Snowmen and a few other Christmas appropriate treats that are adorable and fun for kids.

And this Healthy Fruit Christmas Tree is so much fun to make and to eat! The kids are going to love it. It’s perfect for a Christmas themed breakfast.

Daycare menus, breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas

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