bruce and nemo milk carton catcher

Bruce and Nemo Milk Carton Catcher DIY

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I love making things from what I already have at home and this Bruce and Nemo Milk Carton Catcher is easy to make and the kids will LOVE it! It’s a great eye-hand coordination activity for daycare and it’s practically free to make!

bruce and nemo milk carton catcher on blue paper

Milk carton upcycle

There are tons of ways to reuse or “upcycle” containers that you are done using before you just toss them into the landfill. Find more ways to bring extra life to plastics and use them as much as possible. There is so much waste in our world that we are going to run out of places to put it. So if you can reuse something, please do! I know I try to reuse any way I can.

Milk carton craft

There are tons of things you can remake and reuse. I love milk cartons because they are really versatile and fairly indestructible. At the local elementary school, they have made igloos out of them. I love how creative people can be. And school teachers have long had tiny budgets and big jobs, so they are always spinning gold out of straw just like daycare providers. It’s part of running a home daycare.

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This Finding Nemo-themed milk carton catcher is so much fun. And it’s not hard to make. Scroll down to the bottom under the instructions to find the free printable you can use to make it!

Milk carton game

materials for milk carton catcher

Remember those old games you could get when you were a kid? It was like an ice cream cone shaped basket and it had a ball that had a string attaching it and you would try to catch the ball in the basket part?

I loved those things and played with them for hours. Now you can make one with a few bits and bobs that you already have and your kids can enjoy it too. (And you!)

cut milk carton to start shark catcher craft
milk carton for catcher being colored with sharpie
bruce milk carton catcher, nemo fish and bottle of glue
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Bruce and Nemo Milk Carton Catcher DIY

Eye hand coordination activity made from an old milk carton.
Author: Christina


  • 20 Inches of Cotton String
  • Scissors
  • Thumb Tack
  • Permanent Marker
  • Small Piece of Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Clean Milk Carton
  • Printed Copy of Project PDF Download


  • Take the marker and draw a V shape at the end of the milk carton to form the shark’s mouth.
  • Use the thumb tack to make a few small holes on the line.
  • Slip the scissors into the hole and cut off the front of the milk carton, following the drawn line.
  • Position your milk carton so that the handle is on the bottom and then use the marker to color in the top half of the carton.
  • Cut out the shark teeth, eyes, fin and fish from the project download sheet using the scissors.
  • Now it’s time to assemble the shark!
  • Glue the eyes onto either side of the milk carton, the fin on top of the milk carton and the four rows of teeth along the opening of the carton at the cut end.
  • Place one end of the string on the cardboard and glue one of the fish cutouts onto the cardboard, covering the string.
  • Avoiding the string, cut the fish out from the cardboard.
  • Turn the cardboard over and glue the second cutout fish to the other side.
  • Unscrew the milk carton lid and poke a small hole in it using the thumbtack.
  • Feed the other end of the thread through the hole and knot it many times so that it will not pull through the pin hole, then screw the milk carton lid back on.
bruce milk carton catcher, nemo fish and bottle of glue

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