My family loves BBQ and I bet yours does too. You can get the smoky flavors of BBQ pork roast with a big ole cheap pork roast and some delicious dry rub right in your crock pot.

BBQ Pork Roast

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My family loves BBQ and I bet yours does too. You can get the smoky flavors of BBQ pork roast with a big ole cheap pork roast and some delicious dry rub right in your crockpot. You can cook one pork roast and make 5 meals.

BBQ pork roast sandwich dripping with barbecue sauce on a board

BBQ flavored pork is so good, but even better, it’s so easy! love any easy dinner ideas that save me time.

I learned years ago that getting a cheap cut of meat and cooking it right can save a ton of money. When it’s a big piece of meat like a pork roast, it saves a ton of time too. When it comes to pork roast, the tough cuts of meat are super inexpensive such as picnic roast, butt roast or shoulder roast.

Butt doesn’t mean the butt of the animal, it means the tough shoulder meat the pig uses to butt up against other animals. I always used to be kind of grossed out about that.

Grilling a pork roast

Of course, you can grill the roast and it would be even smokier, but you can also toss that thing in a crock pot or instant pot or even the oven and end up with super flavorful meat! The dry rub is the secret to success. To make a wonderful flavorful bbq dry rub yourself, check this post out.

My favorite method is the crock pot. I love making crock pot meals that you dump in and forget. It’s my go to method. The instant pot makes delicious pork roast as well. I’m just not as experienced with it as I am my crock pot.

If you want to grill your roast, remember low and slow is the way. The grill imparts flavor of it’s own. Check this method out for the grill.

BBQ Dry rub

The secret to giving your pork roast outstanding flavor is a good dry rub. You can even cook it in BBQ sauce as well, but that dry rub cannot be beat. Click here to see our delicious BBQ rub recipe. So good!

Temperature to cook pork roast

The temperature to cook the pork roast is the second most important part to flavor and the most important part to texture. You want that fall apart raost that shreds with a fork or a pair of hands. You want your meat to melt in your mouth. That requires a slow cooking time at a low temperature. 

BBQ Pork Roast in instant pot

An instant pot has a unique way of using steam to cook quickly but is similar to slow cooking. I have made pork roast in my instant pot and it was outstanding! It’s a wonderful tool to cook a tough cut of meat.

In the oven, you need to use a very low temperature as well, and cover the meat so it retains moisture. You need to cook at 300 to 325 so it cooks nice and slowly. It takes 3-4 hours or even longer depending on size. You’ll know when it falls apart with a fork.

pulled pork in a bowl

Do you need to sear the outside of roast?

Do you need to sear the outside of the roast? You can and it definitely helps with making the burnt end type texture for sure. I never have time to sear mine, I’m always chasing kids and in a hurry. So I don’t. And it turns out tender and great anyway.

My mom and grandma always do and they are magnificent cooks, so you can follow their example for some perfection of deliciousness if you like.

pulled pork sandwich on a cutting board with pickle. Sauce dripping out the side.
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BBQ Pork Roast

Using an inexpensive cut of meat, you can make a delicious, flavorful, tender pulled pork for many uses.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time8 hrs
Total Time8 hrs 5 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Barbecue rub, bbq, BBQ pork roast, BBQ rub, crock pot pork roast
Servings: 20
Author: Christina


  • Crock pot


  • 1/4 c dry rub BBQ seasoning mix
  • 1 pork shoulder, butt or picnic roast


  • Remove roast from package and rinse off
  • Pat dry
  • Rub all over with dry rub seasoning mix
  • Let stand at least one hour
  • Place in crock pot on low temperature
  • Cook 8 hours or until roast shreds off with a fork
  • Remove from crock pot and shred
  • Use as desired

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