9 Ways to Use Excess Hot Peppers from the Garden

9 Ways to Use Excess Hot Peppers from the Garden

Man does my husband ever love hot peppers. We always try to grow them, but this year we have a bumper crop so we are working on preserving as many of our excess hot peppers as we can for later.

9 Ways to Use Excess Hot Peppers from the Garden

Of course, we make tons of Pico de Gallo and salsa throughout the garden season, but I also love to save garden veggies for later use during the year. Click here for my Pico recipe. Click here for a great salsa recipe. We also put hot peppers in many dishes such as this homemade Rotel or soups, casseroles, and pasta. Hot peppers have such a wonderful flavor. I’m a big sissy when it comes to heat, so I only use a little. If you like a lot, by all means, use a LOT!

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What to do with hot peppers

Peppers can be used to make a marinade, sauce, or salad to go with your dinner.

9 Ways to Use Excess Hot Peppers from the Garden

Drying excess hot peppers for later

The easiest way to use excess hot peppers is to hang them to dry. I just thread a needle and poke it through the stem area of the pepper and run it down the thread. Then I poke the next one and keep adding them until I have a foot or so of beautiful hot peppers strung up like a piece of art.

Then I take the needle off the thread and tie a little loop in the end so I can hang it on a nail or hook on the wall. In a few weeks, the peppers are dried beautifully and when I need some spice for a dish, I just cut one off and toss it in the pot or grind it up and sprinkle it in. It’s so easy. They last for years this way. The only thing you need to make sure of is to hang them in a dry place so they won’t mold. I’ve been doing it for years and have never lost any of my excess hot peppers to mold.

Freezing excess hot peppers for later

Another way I love to save our excess hot peppers for later is to freeze them. All I do is cut them up into a small dice, seeds, ribs and all, and put them in a freezer bag. Then I can sprinkle them in my dishes throughout the year. The only thing we don’t use is the stem.

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Pickling excess hot peppers for later

My husband loves those pickled jalapenos in a jar. I make them the same way, but I use all kinds of peppers and even onions and carrot slices. He loves to add them to his food for a zesty treat. Click here to see how we make pickles. I just use the same recipe, but I slice up all the veggies and put them in instead of the cucumbers. 

Making pepper salt with excess hot peppers

Another treat you can make with your excess hot peppers from the garden is to dehydrate them in a dehydrator, sun oven, or in your oven with the pilot light on. You just need to cut off the stems and cut the peppers in half. Then dry them until they are no longer chewy. Once they have cooled, you can grind them up in the blender or spice grinder and mix them with salt according to your taste. This pepper salt will give a wonderful flavor to finish off any dish you want to use it on. Yum yum.


Preserving hot peppers from the garden

Check out more things you can do with excess hot peppers from the garden too.


Hot sauce


Spicy Kraut


Fermented jalapenos


Fermented hot sauce


Fermented Jalapeno Rings

Hot peppers are so versatile and have a ton of uses. Experiment with different peppers to see which ones you like best in the different preparations. They have amazing flavors.

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Storing garden produce to make it last as long as possible

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9 Ways to Use Excess Hot Peppers from the Garden


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  1. I either air dry mine to use whole or oven dry them and grind to a powder. I also freeze a few in case something haphens to the others!

  2. Pat Miller says:

    My Dad used to love those pickled jalapeños, too. He´d eat them straight from the jar, like others spoon Nutella straight from the jar. He would do the same with pickled garlic.
    We got a bottle of homemade jalapeño oil for cooking last year. It made esp pasta more interesting for the adult members of the house hold! I think they just popped a few hot peppers into the bottle and filled it up with a good quality olive oil and let it sit for 3 months.

  3. I love these ideas, especially the Spicy Kraut! Thank you.

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