7 Reasons to LOVE Zinnias!

Don’t you just LOVE zinnias? I do. They are a burst of long lasting color all through the summer and fall. They are one of the ONLY plants that doesn’t succumb to our horrid heat here in Oklahoma AND they are tolerant of our drought like conditions that are all too common here.

I love a big colorful display in my garden. Color makes me happy. It makes the bugs and animals happy too.

I grow many varieties of zinnias, as many as I can get. I have the best luck with the super tall ones. Here are the reasons I LOVE these staple flowers for the garden.

  1. Pollinators love them. They bloom from May through October most years here in Oklahoma and are a great food source for pollinators. They attract tons of bees and butterflies that work hard in the garden making food for us. This helps our garden be super productive.
  2. They replant themselves year after year. When the seed heads fall, they regenerate on their own. This save me money, which I love!
  3. They are hardy in any weather conditions. They tolerate a light frost and extreme heat. I just don’t see a down side to them.
  4. They give a huge burst of color to the garden like nothing else. They are a real workhorse for the little effort it takes to care for them.
  5. They are very drought tolerant. Even when times are dry, they still put on a show for us.
  6. Birds love them. They attract bugs that are a food source for the birds. When the seed heads turn, the birds can eat the seeds as well.
  7. They remind me of my cousin who has left a hole in my heart. He loved them. My aunt always grows them and he loved to cut them and use them as cut flowers, another great reason they are awesome. I planted some in his honor after his passing and every time I look at them, it makes me feel a little closer to him. Zinnias make a gorgeous cut flower that last a while after cut unlike some flowers. I remember him posting bouquets of her flowers on Facebook. Such a sweet memory.

I really don’t see any reason not to love zinnias.

They are wonderful. Here are some varieties I have and do grow.

Giants of California-A tall variety with super big blooms, multicolored.

Lilliput Mix-Different shades of pink-my favorite color.

Polar Bear-A super big variety of white zinnia flowers.

Will Rogers-A bright orange variety gifted to me by my brother in law.

Peppermint Stick-A super cute speckled variety in shades of reds, oranges and pinks. This is one of my very favorites!

Pink Seniorita-Super adorable salmon colored flowers.

Purple Prince-Striking deep purple heads. Lovely.

Any zinnia you chose will not disappoint! You will love the showy display they put on for you month after month! Get some seeds ordered today!


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  1. Nicole says:

    So beautiful! I can’t wait to start seeing the pretty colors of Spring and Summer again!

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