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How to Make Homemade Vanilla Sugar

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Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your desserts, coffees, and baked goods? Homemade vanilla sugar is your perfect answer! It’s a great homemade flavoring that you are going to love using!

how to make homemade vanilla sugar

This aromatic, flavorful sugar is a game-changer, taking your culinary experiences to a whole new level. Made with just two simple ingredients—vanilla beans and sugar—this delectable infusion elevates ordinary recipes into gourmet delights.

Not only is homemade vanilla sugar easy to make, but it also offers a far richer aroma and flavor compared to the store-bought versions. Whether you’re sprinkling it over fresh fruit, using it as a base for your cookies and cakes, or stirring it into your morning coffee, vanilla sugar adds an unmistakable essence that enhances every dish.

The best part? It’s extremely versatile and you can customize it to suit your taste preferences. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to make your own homemade vanilla sugar, transforming your pantry and your cooking. Say goodbye to plain sugar and get ready to enter the aromatic world of vanilla-infused sweetness!

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What is Vanilla Sugar?

Vanilla sugar is a flavored sugar that is made by infusing granulated sugar with vanilla beans or vanilla extract. It combines the sweet granules of sugar with the fragrant aroma and taste of vanilla, offering a simple way to elevate a wide variety of recipes. While you can buy pre-made vanilla sugar in specialty food stores, making homemade vanilla sugar is incredibly simple and allows you to control the quality of ingredients used. Plus it tastes SO MUCH better!

This scented sugar is highly versatile and can be used so many ways. You can use it as a sweetener in beverages like tea or coffee, mix it into your cookie and cake batters, or sprinkle it on top of fruits and desserts for that extra layer of flavor. It also makes for a lovely homemade gift, especially during the holiday season.

There are several ways to make vanilla sugar, but the most basic version requires only two ingredients: granulated sugar and vanilla beans.

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a beginner in the kitchen, adding vanilla sugar to your pantry can take your culinary creations to the next level, with a rich and sophisticated flavor that’s hard to resist.

whole vanilla beans on a parchment covered sheet tray

Grade A vs Grade B Vanilla Beans

When it comes to choosing vanilla beans, understanding the difference between Grade A and Grade B can be crucial in determining the flavor, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your dish. Both types of vanilla beans offer distinct advantages and are better suited for different uses. Here’s a rundown of the key differences:

Grade A Vanilla Beans (Gourmet or Prime Grade):

  • Moisture Content: Higher, generally around 30-35%.
  • Appearance: Plump, glossy, and often oily to the touch.
  • Flavor: More potent and nuanced with a full-bodied vanilla aroma.
  • Ease of Use: Easier to split and scrape, as the pods are more pliable.
  • Best For: Dishes where vanilla is the star ingredient, such as custards, ice creams, and simple syrups.
  • Cost: Generally more expensive due to the higher moisture content and fuller flavor profile.

Grade B Vanilla Beans (Extract or Baking Grade):

  • Moisture Content: Lower, usually around 15-25%.
  • Appearance: Less plump, drier, and may have some visual imperfections.
  • Flavor: Less intense compared to Grade A but still strong and sufficient for most uses.
  • Ease of Use: May be harder to split and scrape because they are drier.
  • Best For: Making vanilla extract or any recipe where the vanilla will be cooked for an extended period, which can make the nuances in flavor less detectable.
  • Cost: Generally cheaper than Grade A, making them a cost-effective option for large batches and extract-making.

So, Which Should You Choose?

  • If you’re making something where the vanilla flavor needs to be front and center, or if you’re creating a dish that doesn’t involve long cooking times, Grade A is the better option.
  • If you’re planning to make vanilla extract, or if you’re cooking or baking something where the vanilla will be one of many flavors, Grade B can be a more economical choice without sacrificing much in the way of flavor.

Both grades can make excellent vanilla sugar, but consider your specific needs and the ultimate use of the vanilla sugar to decide which grade is best for you.

Vanilla Beans Bulk

Purchasing vanilla beans in bulk can be a cost-effective way to ensure you have a steady supply of this fragrant spice for your culinary endeavors. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Where to Buy:

  1. Online Retailers: Websites specializing in spices and gourmet ingredients often offer bulk options for vanilla beans. Make sure to read reviews and possibly order a smaller quantity first to evaluate the quality.
  2. Wholesale Suppliers: If you require a large quantity, say for commercial use, you may consider reaching out to wholesale suppliers directly.
  3. Local Specialty or Spice Stores: Some of these may offer bulk purchasing options or discounts for buying larger quantities.
dried vanilla beans snapped into small pieces

Vanilla Sugar Uses

Vanilla sugar is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of culinary applications. It’s made by infusing sugar with vanilla extract or by burying vanilla beans in sugar, which absorbs the flavor over time. Here are some uses for vanilla sugar:


  1. Cookies: Use vanilla sugar as a replacement for regular sugar to add a subtle vanilla flavor.
  2. Cakes: Incorporate into the cake batter for an extra layer of flavor.
  3. Muffins: Substitute vanilla sugar for regular sugar in muffin recipes.
  4. Brownies: Use vanilla sugar to elevate the flavor of chocolate brownies.


  1. Custards and Puddings: Use it in recipes to add a hint of vanilla.
  2. Ice Cream: Use in your homemade ice cream mixture.
  3. Toppings: Sprinkle over fruit salads, puddings, or desserts.
  4. Whipped Cream: Use vanilla sugar to sweeten homemade whipped cream.


  1. Tea/Coffee: Stir into hot drinks for added flavor.
  2. Cocktails: Use it to sweeten or rim the glass for cocktails like a Vanilla Margarita.
  3. Smoothies: Blend it into fruit or protein smoothies.
  4. Hot Chocolate: Add vanilla sugar for a unique twist.


  1. Pancakes/Waffles: Sprinkle some on top or include it in the batter.
  2. Oatmeal: Add it to your morning oatmeal or porridge.
  3. French Toast: Use vanilla sugar in the egg mixture for an added layer of flavor.


  1. Marinades and Glazes: Some meat or tofu glazes can benefit from a bit of sweetness and aroma.
  2. Sauces: Incorporate it into dessert sauces like caramel or chocolate sauce.

Other Uses

  1. Sugar Scrub: Mix it with coconut oil for a homemade body scrub.
  2. Gifts: Package it in pretty jars for a simple, homemade gift.
  3. Decor: Coarse vanilla sugar can be used for decorating the tops of baked goods.

General Flavoring

  1. Yogurt or Cottage Cheese: Stir into plain yogurt or cottage cheese for added flavor.
  2. Popcorn: Use it to make a sweet vanilla-flavored popcorn.

As you can see, vanilla sugar can be used in myriad ways to enhance both sweet and some savory dishes. Always adjust to your personal taste and enjoy experimenting!

Vanilla Powder

Another favorite vanilla product we like to make is vanilla powder. It’s also simple to make but can be used in different ways than extract or sugar. Check out how easy it is to make and all the fun things you can make with it!

Vanilla Coffee Syrup

Starbucks is famous for its vanilla lattes and we understand why. Making vanilla coffee syrup at home is super easy and you can control the quality of ingredients in it. We can put coffee shops to shame with our yummy specialty coffees and coffee drinks. Try it for yourself. You’ll never want to go back!

Besides coffee, vanilla syrup is yummy on a ton of other things. Pancakes and waffles, ice cream and more.

vanilla powder in a small bowl next to a large bowl of sugar

Flavored Sugar

There are so many fun ways to flavor sugar, for more flavored sugar ideas, check these out:

You can use regular white sugar, coconut sugar, or raw sugar in place of the organic sugar. Whatever kind of sugar you like to use as an ingredient can be flavored in this way. And the luxury and layer of flavor it adds will be spectacular!

Vanilla Sugar Recipe

vanilla sugar in a bowl
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Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Fragrant, luxurious sugar with a vanilla flavor great for drinks, sprinkling on top of dishes, or as an ingredient to bring your flavors up a few notches.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time1 hour 30 minutes
Resting Time14 days
Total Time14 days 1 hour 40 minutes
Course: Seasoning Mix
Cuisine: American
Keyword: flavored sugar, sugar, vanilla, vanilla bean, vanilla sugar
Servings: 96 teaspoons
Calories: 17kcal
Author: Christina


  • 4 large vanilla beans
  • 2 cups organic sugar


  • Bake the vanilla beans at 325 degrees until they are brittle and completely dried out.
  • Break into little pieces and grind them up in a food processor or spice grinder until the vanilla is a fine powder.
  • Add the vanilla powder to the sugar and mix thoroughly.
  • Store in an airtight container.


Calories: 17kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Fat: 0.04g | Sodium: 0.04mg | Potassium: 0.1mg | Sugar: 4g | Calcium: 0.04mg | Iron: 0.002mg

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