Many parents need full time daycare to go to work Monday through Friday 8-5. But part time daycare can work better for other families. Which is best for yours?

Full Time Vs Part Time Daycare

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Many parents need full-time daycare, but part time daycare can work better for other families. Not everyone works traditional hours. So what’s the difference between full-time and part time daycare?

In some cases, parents work part time or work nontraditional hours so they only need childcare when most daycare businesses are not available. You can fill a need in the community by offering different hours than most other providers do.

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Full time vs part time daycare

Full time daycare may be right for you and your business. Many parents work shift work and they may be served better by a provider that is open 6 pm to 4 am or 2 pm to midnight. You may also be able to run a viable business only on school breaks and keep school age kids only.

There are also providers that only keep teacher’s kids and only provide care during the school calendar. This can be a great business as well. Set up a business plan for your home daycare and crunch the numbers to see what could work for you.

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Home daycare hours

And then yet, there are many traditional hour home daycare providers that are open 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. For years I did 7 am to 6 pm, but that’s a lot of hours and hard to sustain. As I got older, I did 7:30-5:30, but still 10 hours a day is a lot.

And people always asked to come at 7, so it ended up being 7-5:30. I HATE working late, so I changed my hours to 7:30-5 and that extra 30 minutes changed my life! I learned that most people who ask for 7, show up at 7:30 anyway, so I started saying no to the extra time. I would LOVE to work 6-3, but that doesn’t fit the needs of my community, so this is what I do for now.

Just remember that no matter what you offer, people will always ask for more.

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Part time daycare

What about regulations? If you do summers, spring break and Christmas break only, do you have to be regulated? In Oklahoma you have to be licensed if you are open 15 or more hours a week. What about running an after-school program only from 3:15 to 6 and avoid DHS altogether? I love that idea. It may be part of my retirement plan.

Part time daycare hours

Your hours for your business can be whatever you want them to be of course. You’re in charge. But making your business a financial success so you can support your family is an important part of running a business. You can love what you do, but you can’t do it for free. So, think about what you would be able to charge and how that would work into your family’s budget.


Consider starting your business with a partner. You could provide care full time but only work part time. If you want part time days, you could contract with a partner to work 6-noon and you could work noon to 6. Or you could work M/W/F and your partner could work T/TH. There are many ways to be able to work less than the usual grueling 50 plus hours a week in home daycare.

Remember when setting your hours, not to ask your clients. If you did what everyone wanted or needed, you could work 24 hours a day. You are a human and have to take care of you. So set what you’re willing to do and stick to it. Don’t do everything for everyone else. Offer what you offer and stand firm.

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Part time daycare rates

Part time daycare rates are usually far higher than full time care. Many providers who, for instance, charge $30 a day for full time care or $150 a week, would charge $45 a day for part time care. So, if a parent needed 3 days of care per week, they would pay $135 a week.

Set your fees based on the average cost in your area. Try not to price yourself out of the market. But remember to make sure you charge enough to make a profit. We again, can’t work for free. You can offer a specialty of some kind and charge even more for your services. So, think about what you can promote that makes you unique.

Part time vs full time hours

Part time daycare can also mean less than a full day. DHS considers part time from 0-4 hours per day and over 4 hours is a full-time rate for that day. I consider one minute to 10 hours full time and don’t do part time rates for a day. I also don’t do part time rates for the week. So, if you contract with me for 1 hour a week, it’s the same as if you do for 50 hours a week.

Many parents need full time daycare to go to work Monday through Friday 8-5. But part time daycare can work better for other families. Which is best for yours?

I learned years ago that you have to be able to depend on your income so I made my payment policies according to that need for my family. My kids pay whether they come or not unless I take prearranged vacation days. This helps me to live. When I used to not charge if they took days off, I was always short on income to pay my bills. You have to structure something so you can pay your bills.

Once you decide your rates and what days or hours you will be open, you’ll need to set up a contract and go over it with your parents. They will sign that they understand what they are contracting for and you’ll both know what to expect financially.

If you want to work Monday through Thursday, then if everyone knows that and agrees to that, it will work out great.

How does part time daycare work?

Remember, not matter what type of care you’re providing, a contract and payment policies are the most important thing for success. Charge a flat rate for whatever parents choose to contract with you (that works with what you’re offering) and stick to that whether they come or not.

And remember, kids will not adapt to daycare well if they don’t attend enough to get used to it. So, it may be better to do at least three days a week for the benefit of the children you serve. I have done a lot of mom’s day out type things in the past when I had kids that didn’t need a full-time spot. I would find other kids to fill the days they didn’t attend. And for some kids, it was very difficult to get acclimated to daycare in my home that way.

Some kids don’t have problems with separation anxiety, but some do. So, consider the child and their personality when deciding what to offer and what policies to put into place.

Marketing part time daycare

When you market your part time program, make sure you put special emphasis on the fact that its part time care you’re offering. Great places to advertise your home daycare for part time care would be doctor’s offices, libraries, and grocery stores.

There are a lot of moms who don’t work outside the home, that would love to have a few days a week to get it all done without their kids in tow. They can schedule appointments and errands on the days they are kid free. I never had any problem finding moms with a need for that service.

Remember that word of mouth is the very best way to build a business so be professional in your dealings with others and sell yourself on the daily by telling the world about what you do and why you’re so proud of what you’re doing. You’ll never wish for more business that way.

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Many parents need full time daycare to go to work Monday through Friday 8-5. But part time daycare can work better for other families. Which is best for yours?

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