Are you having trouble filling your family childcare home with kids? Here are some great tips to advertise your family childcare and fill it up fast!

How to Advertise your Family Childcare

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Are you having trouble filling your family childcare home with kids? Here are some great tips to advertise your family childcare and fill it up fast! It’s a big part of running a home daycare.

pens on a table and daycare t-shirts

Don’t despair, you’ll get there. Here are a few simple tips that will help you get full and stay full in the future. And check out the home daycare regulations that everyone needs to start with here.

Daycare advertisement

You might be wondering how to advertise home daycare, but there are a variety of ways that get the word out about your business. Print up flyers with tear strips across the bottom with your number on them. Place them in visible places (with permission of course) in pediatrician’s offices, dentists, play places, candy stores, toy stores grocery stores and other places people with kids go.

Little Sprouts t-shirts on a table for advertising family child care

You can also print up business cards to give away and use them whenever you meet someone. You can also place them in magazines and books in waiting rooms like a bookmark.

Another great thing to do is punch a hole in the corner and tie on a piece of candy with a little piece of ribbon. These can be put in trick or treat bags or given out at parades. Be creative and you will be able to think of fun ways to get them distributed. 

business cards to advertise family childcare

Daycare ads

You can put daycare ads on craigslist, garage sale sites or Facebook childcare or garage sale groups, community Facebook groups and any other media outlet you have in your area.

You can use newspaper childcare ads or radio spots to advertise your family childcare. This is a great way to reach a lot of people. It’s a little more expensive than some other ways, but it could pay off in a big way. Don’t forget about alternate advertising avenues such as the shop and swap or other trade magazines.

Having your own evergreen advertising on the internet is a really smart idea. Make sure to keep it up to date and positive. If you use your Facebook page to vent about your daycare parents, it’s not going to draw people in that want your services.

Be positive in your interactions online. Don’t make your cover photo a picture of you sloshed and holding a beer or of you laying a baby covered in blankets on the couch to sleep because that’s not safe sleep and it will turn people away. Believe it, people will stalk you online! So show a good image to them. Everything you do on Facebook is a childcare ad.

Having great daycare clients helps so much in enjoying the career in home daycare.

In home daycare advertising examples

boy smiling wearing child care t-shirt

Make daycare t-shirts and offer to let your families purchase them. Have personalized pens made and give them to your parents as gifts. Calendars are another good item that could be hanging in someone’s office space with your name. Wear your t-shirts and give out your personalized pens everywhere you go. People need to get used to hearing your name.

family childcare advertising pens

Talk to your friends about what openings you have, share it at church, talk to other parents at sporting events. Use the circle of people you associate with to get the word out.

Some providers think that other providers are their competition. They absolutely are not! We need each other. Networking is one of the best ways to stay full. Let the other providers in your area know what you have open and let them know you will share their openings with the people you know. Find out what providers have to offer. Tell them what you do that is special.

No provider is a good fit for every family. Some people are not going to like you. Some people won’t like your ideas. You have to do you and the people who appreciate that will show up. No other provider is your competition.

If you have a local agency that helps parents, call them up and share your openings and what you have to offer. The DHS office, if there are tribal childcare associations in your area, food programs, or whoever in your area tries to help parents find childcare need to know who you are.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself to them. Getting business in childcare IS selling yourself, just like getting any other job is. Toot your horn!

Are you having trouble filling your family childcare home with kids? Here are some great tips to advertise your family childcare and fill it up fast!

Daycare advertising

Make a donation of books to the library with your contact information on the front cover. It’s a great way to advertise your family childcare. You can do the same at the school libraries in your area. Donate in the name of your business to other local charities. Do whatever it takes to get your name out there.

People remember the work you do. If you keep your daycare parents happy, they tell their friends and coworkers. If you don’t keep them happy, they tell their friends and coworkers.

Remember that every interaction you have with your daycare families is advertising for the future. You may want to tell them where to get off when you have to part ways, but leaving it civil will be much better for your future in the business.

Do a good job, give your kids your best. Don’t forget that a big part of the job is making sure parents are comfortable and informed as well. Don’t just do the job with half your heart and expect success.

People know when you are being genuine. They know whether you are honest or not. People appreciate a job well done and they will talk about it to people they know.

How to Advertise your Family Childcare

Get parents involved so they feel part of the program. Allowing them to spend time doing things with the program is a great way to connect with them and get future business. Click here to see some ideas on getting parents involved. It’s good for everyone.

I love to have get-togethers where my parents can see their kids interacting with the other kids here. I also love for them to get to know the other parents here. It’s a good experience for all of us. I’m shy so this is not always easy for me, but I know it’s good for the kids to spend time with their parents here and I know it’s good for all of us to interact. I do it because it’s good.

Childcare advertising

Make sure your childcare ads are professional and your grammar and spelling are impeccable. You need to give a good impression. Show what you have to offer. Tell what is different about you that makes you a better choice for a family.

If you serve all organic food, say that in your ad. Do you do cloth diapers, great, say that. If you are the cleanest, most germ-free environment known to man, find a way to convey that to potential clients.

You have things that make you unique. Make sure to share them with people. Don’t spend 3 hours a night cutting out die cuts so you will have the world’s best crafts and then not say anything to people when advertising yourself. Tell it all.

If you go to training, tell your parents about it. If you put in a bunch of effort to improve your daycare, share that too. People don’t know if you don’t tell them.

You are special and one of a kind. You have a lot to offer. Sell yourself. If you do your best and tell people about it, you won’t ever lack for clients once you get your business established. This is the best way to advertise your family childcare.

Don’t forget that it takes a little time to build up a clientele. Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble getting full at first. That’s okay, you will get there. You have to discover what your gifts are and share them with people. Get out there and rock this business and give GREAT care to the future of our world!

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I am looking to start my own home daycare but I cant decide between working with an agency or getting licenced on my own. Is there anything you could suggest?

    1. It depends if you want to have co workers or be on your own, if you want to plan your own stuff or follow their requirements. Do you like being in charge or having someone else shoulder most of the responsibility. Either is great, it just depends on your style and preferences. I had a HORRID boss for 6 years at another type of business and didn’t want to work for someone abusive again, but in home daycare, each parent can have those tendencies and if you worked at a good center, they could help protect you from that type of thing. I prefer dealing with people one on one than working for some tyrant. I know there are good bosses out there but I didn’t have one. What area do you live in, maybe that would make a difference?