We all get down and overwhelmed. Everyone struggles so I wrote these empowering words for women to help lift you up. Read them and share them.

Empowering Words for Women to Live Your Best Life

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We all get down and overwhelmed. Everyone struggles so I wrote these empowering words for women to help lift you up. We all need encouragement sometimes!

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I often hear moms say things about feeling inadequate and I was reading this post about a mom who was apologizing to her work because she had to leave right at 5 to get her son from daycare. I have had moms tell me they feel like everyone else is a good mom but them.

I have had moms cry because being a working mom is so hard. I’ve even have had moms tell me that they feel like because they pick up their child last, the other moms are better moms than them. So let me tell ya.

Empowering words mom to mom

Motherhood is the worst hood there is. It’s an assault. It’s HARD on your body, mind, and soul. You literally kill your own life, own body, own needs and own wants for the next 50 years (no, not 18, 50) to give someone else your all and they will vomit on you, spit on you, tell you they hate you, make you cry, disappoint you, pee on you, use up all your money, use up all your time, never let you shower or pee alone again, and everything else you can imagine.

And when you’re at your breaking point with that crying baby, no one tells you it only gets worse. When you have a sassy 4-year-old that is testing your faith in the Lord while they try to figure out their way in life, no one tells you it only gets worse, and when they hit that sweet sweet hormonal age and hate everything about you, no one tells you it only gets worse, because when that piece of your heart starts walking around in the world without you and goes to college, gets a job, and continues on with everything included in adult life, it’s even harder than you ever dreamed possible.

Motherhood is the BEST thing that will ever happen to you. Your kids driving a steamroller over your heart and mind continually for the rest of their life makes you into a more loving, understanding, graceful, patient person and you needed that. There is nothing like the way your heart melts when you see that baby’s face with they are 6 months or 26 years.

They make your heart pitter-patter. It’s a love like you never knew was possible before you were a mom. There is nothing like the love you feel when your baby squeezes your finger, smiles at you, gives you a hug, makes you a card or a bracelet, tells you about their new job, whatever. There’s nothing like it. And it’s worth all of the turmoil and heartache in number 1 above and then some!

Mom shaming

Society is on a rampage to torture moms for working, moms for not working, no matter what you do as a mom, you are made to feel guilty by everyone else. If you don’t work outside the home, well, you’re just lazy, etc.

Have you thought about what it would be like to be at home 24/7, no adult interaction, no fancy outfits, no title that people say, oh, you’re so cool, no nothing for you, just sacrificing all of your time for your child? It may seem easy, but it’s not. It’s isolating, it’s unglamorous, and it’s even boring sometimes.

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And I hear people ALL THE TIME talk about why have kids if you are going to let someone else raise them? That’s not the way the family was meant to be, etc. But can you IMAGINE going to a job where they want you to act like you don’t have a family? Your kids are your main responsibility and you got the job to help take care of them, but the job wants you not to. You are torn between being a good worker and being a human. It sickens me how businesses treat parents when it comes to having a family.

If you work, you are a good mom. If you stay home, you are a good mom. If you use your day off to sit in your car and eat ice cream and don’t think about your kids all day, you’re a good mom. If you use your day off to snuggle your baby in bed all day, you’re a good mom. If you’re wondering if you’re a good mom, you care enough to be a good mom. God made you that child’s mom because you were the best one for the job and you are rocking it!

EVERY employer should be understanding that if a child is throwing up at daycare, the parents need to be with them. No one should have to feel pressured about that. It’s a society problem, not a motherhood problem. We aren’t doing a good job as people to support each other’s needs.

If your child is the first one dropped off and the last one picked up from daycare, that does not mean the other moms are better moms than you. It means that you work differently than the other parents. Some families have one parent drop off and the other one pick up and their schedules are slightly different. Some families have grandparents that pick up or drop off. Some families have jobs that are flexible. Don’t compare yourself to what you see other people doing. You do you!

Empowering words for women

I see you and I know how much you worry about the job you’re doing raising your family. I know how hard it is to go on to work when your kid was up all night drawing on your face with a sharpie marker and you didn’t get any sleep.

I know what it feels like to be so overwhelmed with the responsibility of work and family and how hard it is to juggle. I worked outside the home when Kayla was little and I was made to feel like a failure at work if she needed me.

That’s why I do everything I can to be reliable as a daycare provider and be here consistently. I give my all to this job to support my families and help them be successful. I don’t close for a bad headache that makes it where I can hardly see. I don’t call parents to pick up when their kid has a runny nose. I only call if absolutely necessary and I only close for the same. And my families are so supportive and appreciative of all I do and I’m super grateful for it.

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Lift other women up

But I see society as a whole take anything a woman does and find criticism for it. If you are a man, you can strip on stage and give a provocative performance and everyone cheers. If you are a woman and you keep your clothes on on stage you are called a stripper for bringing it and expressing yourself. If you live small, you’re not trying, if you live big you’re too much.

If you work outside the home, you’re a bad mom. If you stay at home with your kids you are lazy. If you fix yourself up, you are selfish and vain. If you don’t. you have let yourself go.

REALLY folks, let’s stop hating on everyone and judging everyone and show a little grace. Let’s appreciate what every person does and give other people empowering words to cheer them on instead of dragging them down.

(And if you’re a Mom, you’re a great one, and if you’re not a Mom, you’re worth just as much as someone who is, I speak to moms a lot because I relate to them, but I know many people feel less than because they’re not mothers and that’s crap too, you are valuable, you are good, and you are worthy!)

I see you. You are doing your best and I am proud of you. You are strong even if you forgot right now. You are worth so much! You are made in the image of God and He delights in you. You are worthy. You are loved. You are special. Now get out there and ignore the haters and rock you! And bring other people up with you by sharing empowering words for women. 

(And no, I’m not dying, I just have a new perspective on life than I did a few months ago. We don’t have any more time to spread hate)

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