Who wants to cook in the heat of summer? Heat up the house even more? No thanks! Check out these no cook meals that are cool to make.

Quick Easy Dinners-No Cook Meals

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Who wants to cook in the heat of summer? Heat up the house even more? No thanks! Check out these no cook meals that are cool to make.

Quick easy dinners-no cook meals

Who else besides me is looking for a quality dinner for the family without turning on the stove in the summer? There are plenty of yummy things you can make without extra heat. And they don’t all have to be raw. Think of yummy salads, sandwiches, and cool soups.

No bake meals

I love to have a big salad for a meal. I don’t really like lettuce salads much, but I love raw vegetables marinated in something delicious. Add some cold meat or cheese or both and you can turn it into a meal.

A quick tip is to microwave some potatoes and add toppings for a quick and easy dinner. I love baked potatoes as a meal and so does my husband. You could top it with leftover chili, some cottage cheese, shredded cheddar and sour cream, some broccoli, whatever you like.

No cook meals-leftovers

I love how you can make a big bunch of meat and use it leftover all week or put some in the freezer and use it later. Saves so much work and clean up. It’s one of my favorite time savers. 

Cook one pork roast and make 5 meals from the leftovers to avoid a ton of heat in the kitchen throughout the week. You can even cook it in the crockpot or instant pot for less heat. 

shredded porkFeeding picky eaters can be a real challenge but I promise you can get any picky eater to like some more foods, without tears or stress and I can show you how.

Cook one whole chicken (in the crock pot or instant pot to save heat) and make 3 meals throughout the week with the leftovers. 

plate of shredded chickenchicken fried rice

Lamb sandwich with avocado and jam

lamb and avocado sandwich wrapped in paper

Crunchy healthy turkey salad recipe

Pretty bowl of turkey salad with bright colored vegetables.

No cook meals-sandwiches

Sandwiches make a great summer no cook dinner, but even better, a great variety of new sandwich ideas. Get some inspiration from these recipes. 

Chicken salad sandwich with grapes and pecans. This one only has 6 ingredients! 

Chicken salad sandwich on a plate with pretzels

Sun-dried tomato and hummus sandwich

Sundried Tomato & Hummus Sandwich

Tuna pita pockets

cutting board with tuna filled pita pockets

Tomato mozzarella sandwich

no cook meals, wrapped sandwich on cutting board

Herbed goat cheese and avocado sandwich

veggie goat cheese sandwich on plate, no cook meals

Mediterranean veggie sandwich

veggie sandwich with sprouts on cutting board.

No cook meals-soup

Cold soups are a great alternative to heating up the kitchen during no cook weather in summer. This looks amazing!

Chilled picante summer soup

chilled summer soup in a bowl

Could you even have fruit soup for dinner? I guess you sure could!

Watermelon gazpacho

table with bowls of gazpacho, limes, bread and watermelon,

Farmer’s market gazpacho

no cook meal gazpacho in a glass on a cutting board garnished with fennel and surrounded by garlic, and lime


No cook meals-salad

My favorite cool dinner stand by is salads. I don’t really like lettuce, so I love this variety of salads and many don’t have lettuce at all. 

Zesty avocado salad would make a wonderful cool dinner in the heat of summer. 

Zesty Avocado Salad, Healthy Real Food

Caesar Salad

Pretty cesar salad on a plate no cook dinners

Balsamic chopped salad is another salad that would make a great dinner.

There's nothing quite as yummy and fresh as balsamic chopped salad. I love this recipe. It tastes like summertime! Chopped salads are my favorite because they are fresh, tasty and easy to eat. 

Keto broccoli salad

plate of keto broccoli salad for no cook dinners

Tuna spring roll salad

pretty plate of tuna and veggies no cook dinners

Crunchy kale broccoli salad

tossing a vegetable salad no cook dinners

Chickpea cucumber avocado salad

bowl of no cook dinner salad on table with pretty flowers. colorful salad in a clear bowl

Kale, watermelon and feta salad

bowl of kale and watermelon salad on a table.

Strawberry salad with poppyseed vinaigrette

table with viniagrette, salad and a box of strawberries

Avocado black bean corn salad

Table with bowl of avocado black bean corn salad garnished with a lime and chips.

Broccoli salad

broccoli salad close up

Mexican street corn salad

plate of mexican street corn salad with a fork.

Cold salmon salad recipe

salmon salad on a plat on a counter with a fork, napkin and oranges

Healthy chickpea salad 

bowl of salad on table with fork and side of bread behind it

Dinner ideas for tonight

Here are some more great ideas for no cook dinner ideas tonight. Maybe something you’ve never tried before will end up being your favorite. 

Raw super sprouts pad thai with spicy peanut sauce

no cook dinner, raw sprout pad thai with chopstick full of yummy bite.

Spicy spiralized turmeric tahini cucumber noodles

bowl of no cook dinner cucumber noodles with a fork

Raw tacos with walnut filling

raw tacos with walnut filling

Cilantro lime crab tacos

crab tacos laid on counter with garnishes of cilantro, corn and lime sprinkled around

Thai zucchini noodles

zucchini noodle dish on a plat with a fork garnished with herbs and lime and surrounded by sauce

Easy vegan tacos

cutting board with tacos, limes and garnish vegetables

For more easy dinner ideas, go here. 

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Who wants to cook in the heat of summer? Heat up the house even more? No thanks! Check out these no cook meals that are cool to make.

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  1. Loving all the selection here. With the warm weather, no cook is a great idea. Something for everyone. Thanks for including my Chickpea Salad.

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