Pumpkin Ideas for Kids that Aren’t Crafts

Looking for some great preschool activities for kids that aren’t crafts? Check out this list of pumpkin ideas for kids. Tons of fun for fall!

Looking for some great preschool activities for kids that aren’t crafts? Check out this list of pumpkin ideas for kids.

Pumpkin ideas for kids that aren’t crafts

I love exploring different fall things but I hate cookie cutter crafts where all the kid’s work is supposed to look the same. I love process art and letting kids explore and learn from the process of making something they love.

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There are so many things you can do with pumpkins with kids that can teach them a ton. You can do art, science, math, sensory learning, fine motor skill building and so much more with these pumpkin ideas for kids that aren’t crafts.

Pumpkin ideas for preschool

One of my favorite pumpkin ideas is pumpkin stamping. Cut shapes from the flesh of a pumpkin and use them for stamping in paint or ink. Click here to see how to stamp with pumpkins.

A great fine motor and sensory experience for kids is pumpkin stamping art. They can dip them in paint or ink and stamp the shapes onto paper.




Cool pumpkin ideas for kids

My kids LOVE to cook. Cooking teaches kids a ton of skills, so I try to cook with them as much as possible. We love to make pumpkin pie, roast pumpkin seeds, and make pumpkin cookies. We cook all of our decorating pumpkins and make pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin pie baking with kids

We freeze our puree and use it in tons of recipes. Adding nutrients to food is something I work tirelessly to do to help my kids eat healthy. Pumpkin puree can enhance breads, soups, cookies, casseroles and sauces. It’s full of nutrients and fiber!

Pumpkin rolling races are a great pumpkin idea for kids. They can line up with their pumpkins and see who can get to the end of the race first. Pumpkins are round, but hard to roll because they are bumpy and awkward. It’s so much fun to try to keep them rolling.

Pumpkin theme for preschool

Pumpkins can be used to teach kids sensory experiences, math lessons, science knowledge, and even motor skills. Pumpkins are cute, kids love them and they aren’t that expensive to use. You can even have the kids each bring pumpkins for your activities.

Painted pumpkin ideas for kids

I don’t like to carve pumpkins with kids. It’s dangerous to carve pumpkins even myself, but I don’t like the idea of using that kind of cutting instruments in a room full of little people. I also hate wasting the pumpkin when it could be used. I don’t like wasting for the environment, but I also don’t like buying food and letting it go to waste, so I try to use my pumpkins mostly in a way where they can still be consumed.

Kids love painting pumpkins. Give them some washable paints and a big brush or some sponges and let them go at it. They come up with beautiful decorations for your fall décor.

You can also let kids roll pumpkins in paint and then roll them on paper to make cool designs. This is so much fun and good for gross motor skills as well.

Another painting idea with pumpkins is to mix red and yellow paint and show the kids how to make the orange color of pumpkins. You can also use playdough to mix the colors as well and kids can shape the dough into pumpkins if they want to.

Pumpkin art for kids

Give the kids a pumpkin and a piece of paper and let the draw how they think the pumpkin looks. You can also make a book all about the pumpkin that includes other pumpkin exploration.

Kids can measure their pumpkins, weigh them, and also make pages for their pumpkin books with this information. What a fun way to explore something kids already love.

Pumpkin science ideas for kids

There is so much science you can do with pumpkins, count them, make patterns with them, weigh them, measure them, count the warts on them, be creative and you can come up with a ton of pumpkin ideas for kids that teach science. You can get them in different colors and even teach color with them.

Cut a pumpkin open and explore the guts and seeds. This is a great sensory experience. The smell is amazing and the feeling is amazing. They look really gross too. Let the kids get right in there and pull all the guts out and really check them out. They can learn descriptive words like stringy and slimy. The possibilities are endless.

pumpkin guts and pumpkin exploration

Another pumpkin science idea is sink or float. You can ask the kids if they think a big pumpkin will float. They do because they are hollow in the middle, but they are heavy so they don’t look like it. You can write down the kid’s hypothesis.

Ask them if they think a pumpkin will float better or a paperclip. I bet they’ll be surprised when you put them in a big tub of water and find out the answer.

Pumpkin books for preschool

There are a ton of great pumpkin books for preschool kids. Our favorite pumpkin series is spookley, but check out all these fun pumpkin preschool books.

Pumpkin songs for preschool

5 Little Pumpkins

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

The first one said, oh my it’s getting late,

The second one said, there’s a chill in the air,

The third one said, but we don’t care

The fourth one said, we’ll run run run

The fifth one said, and have some fun!

Whoosh went the wind and out went the light and the 5 little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

More pumpkin songs….

10 Orange Pumpkins in a Row

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Have you Ever Seen a Pumpkin?

I’m a Little Pumpkin

Mr. Pumpkin

There is so much you can do with pumpkins that isn’t a craft, try some of these for your pumpkin theme unit this year.

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Pumpkin Ideas for Kids that Aren’t Crafts

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