Every year daycare providers parents ask for receipts for what they paid them that year. These end of the year daycare receipts can be simple and quick.

End of the Year Daycare Receipts

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Every year daycare providers parents ask for receipts for what they paid them that year. These end of the year daycare receipts can be simple and quick. Making up a child care provider tax form for parents doesn’t have to be a big chore. I make a simple daycare receipt template and put each parent’s total in one at a time and print two copies of each. I keep one for my records and give one to the parents. It’s a simple part of running a home daycare. 

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Child care receipt template

Here is a daycare tax statement template you can use to make child care receipts for your families. The first one is a daycare receipt in word, so you can edit it if you have Word installed.

End of the Year Daycare Receipt Little Sprouts Learning Template

The second one is in Excel. This daycare receipt template is fillable if you have Excel installed.

Yearly Receipt for Child Care-Little Sprouts Learning Template

And the third one is a child care receipt pdf you can print multiple copies of to hand write them if that’s your preference. You need to fill in your daycare name, address, and phone number at the top and then your EIN or Federal ID number under that. (And you’re going to need an EIN number for your home daycare business taxes.)

End of the Year Daycare Receipt Little Sprouts Learning Template

I hope these help make your end of the year receipt making of child care receipts so much less stressful.

Daycare receipt

Why do we have to make a daycare payment receipt for parents? A daycare tax form for parents is helpful but not required by law for parents to take the child care tax credit on their taxes. They don’t have to have the piece of paper to file the amount, but it’s a good idea to provide them. You also are not required to mail them.

You also can fill out a W-10, but that is not required. If a parent wants a W-10, they are welcome to print one out and give it to you. In the case they do that, if you don’t fill it out, you can face a $50 penalty. You are required to fill it out if they ask.

I get my yearly daycare receipts ready for each family in early January. I give one to each of my current families at pick up time when I have them ready.

And I put the rest of them in a drawer and if parents request them, I plan a time when they can come and pick them up. I don’t withhold them from anyone, but I don’t go out of my way to chase them down with them.

Calculator, recipts, tape, paperwork

Am I required to provide daycare parents with end of the year receipts

I will drop them off if I pass by their house and they’ve asked for them. I’m also happy to mail them, but I won’t do that unless they ask. No sense wasting a stamp on something someone doesn’t want. Tom Copeland, family childcare tax expert, suggests having parents sign the copy you keep for your records to have proof of payment for yourself if you should ever be audited.

I’m sure you could make a form in google docs that parents could access, but I’m not tech-savvy enough to do that while still making sure the information is confidential. If you know a lot about google docs, feel free to give out the information that way. It’s perfectly fine.

Remember, when printing out daycare receipts for parents, you need to put your EIN number on it. I would strongly suggest getting one and not using your social security number on those forms. You don’t want to give that number out to people. It just takes a few minutes and it’s free to file for your own business number to use.

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Printable daycare forms

There are free home daycare forms available in this article for Oklahoma daycare providers, so check it out to find free printable pdfs for many of your daycare paperwork needs. The required compliance file form, insurance notification form, child information form, and many more are available there to print out for free.

For more must-haves for your daycare taxes, click on this article. I am not a tax expert, but I have information to help you know what to start with and what to gather together to get ready to work on your taxes. Tom Copeland is the expert, so once you have everything gathered up, get his books and get started sorting it all out.

I hope this information is helpful to you and helps you through this tax season with ease.

For more printable forms to make running your home daycare easier, check out these products by clicking the highlighted link.

For more tips to make running your home daycare easier, click here.

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Every year daycare providers parents ask for receipts for what they paid them that year. These end of the year daycare receipts can be simple and quick.

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  1. How do you go about issuing receipts for a family who is no longer a single unit, split custody and each paying half of the cost of daycare? Do you issue one receipt to one parent and let them go from there and communicate the information to the other parent as I do not know their circumstances for claiming daycare or issue a receipt to each showing the amount the individual paid? Or a receipt to each with a breakdown of what each parent paid with the total amount received for the child at the bottom?

    1. Hi Cassie! I give each parent a receipt for what they personally paid me. So if they each paid every other week, I show what they paid. If they were paying together and one parent paid the other, I give the receipt in their name only and they can worry about who was responsible for what on their own. That’s something that seems hard to determine from here. Does that make sense?