Tom Copeland is the foremost advocate for family child care providers. He goes to bat for providers and gives us tons of information to find success.

Tom Copeland Resources for Family Child Care Providers

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Tom Copeland is the foremost advocate for family childcare providers. He goes to bat for providers and gives us tons of information to find success in running a home daycare. So Tom Copeland resources are the best provider hack I can give you!

resources for family childcare providers paperwork by tom copeland

I recommend you check out his blog and any resources he writes. His legacy will live on forever. He has retired now, but his resources are in good hands.

Tom Copeland record keeping

This is the one and foremost essential book that any family childcare provider needs. You cannot live without this family childcare record-keeping guide.

Family child care tax workbook and organizer

I do my own taxes every year with this tax workbook and organizer. I couldn’t live without it. I would recommend buying it yearly and giving it to your tax preparer if you hire it done. Most tax preparers don’t know all the laws that pertain to family child care. It’s a unique niche of tax rules.

He also has a tax companion you can get as well.

Redleaf Press Calendar keeper

The Redleaf Press Calendar Keeper is a must-have for me also. I buy one yearly and keep all of my records on it. I would totally recommend it. There is so much useful information in it, plus it has a place to keep your dates and upcoming information as well as daily sign in and out sheets with a place to keep your payment records.

You’ll have your times, attendance, and payments all in one place if you use this tool. There are worksheets in the back and an envelope to keep your receipts for the month as well. It’s a great time and energy saver at tax time to have all your records in one place with this. 

Contracts and policies and other Tom Copeland books

Tom can help you with contracts and policies with this great resource as well. It was a godsend when I got started and I still refer to it 27 years later.

And Tom has other great resources as well! Anything Tom writes is of great value to family childcare providers! He’s a wonderful advocate. I’m a great fan and appreciate all he has done for the field of family childcare. I would not be in business today or successful without his influence in my life.

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