Carrots growing in the garden

Companion Planting Carrots

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Companion planting carrots can make them and what you combine them with grow healthier, with fewer pests, and even tastier. Find out what grows best with carrots. Companion planting is a great way to increase production in your garden.

Carrots growing in the garden

One of the first gardening books I ever read was Carrots love Tomatoes. I just loved the idea of planting things together that had a symbiotic relationship with one another. For instance, with carrots and tomatoes, the carrots grow better in the shade of the tomatoes because they like to be cooler.

The tomatoes shade the carrots, and the carrots repel the tomato hornworm which can decimate the tomato plant in just a few hours with its voracious appetite. The tomato also dramatically improves the flavor of the carrot. The tomato plant can stunt the growth of the carrot, so don’t go crazy.

Companion planting carrots

There are a ton of plants that grow great with carrots. When you grow chives near carrots, they improve the texture and taste of the carrots. They also deter aphids.

Legumes such as pole beans, bush beans, and peas can enrich the soil around carrots helping them to grow better.

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Rosemary and other herbs such as sage deter the carrot rust fly.

A bunch of carrots laying in a pile

Companion plants for carrots

Borage, oregano, cilantro, and marigolds are good to plant with most things because they deter pests, so they will be great with carrots as well.

Nasturtiums are also fairly universal as they repel aphids, cucumber beetles, and more. They also attract pollinators.

Radishes loosen up the soil and allow carrots to grow more easily. They germinate faster and mature faster, so they can be planted closely together, and then as you harvest your radishes, you’ll have a great bed for the carrots to continue to grow.

Onions and other alliums like garlic and shallots, scallions, and leeks work well to deter the carrot rust fly as well as Japanese beetles and aphids.

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Carrots in the garden growing next to marigolds

Carrot companion

Buckwheat and brown mustard grown before carrots can get rid of wireworms which are the larvae of click-beetles that can take over your carrot crop.

Catnip, tobacco, and other mint deters flea beetles.

Lettuce grows very well next to carrots. The large leaves of the lettuce help crowd out weeds that would impede the growth of your carrots.

What not to plant with carrots

Potatoes compete with carrots for space and nutrients.

Parsnips compete for phosphorus and attract the same diseases and pests as carrots.

One more plant to avoid planting with carrots with other plants in the Umbelliferae family. This includes cumin, dill, coriander, and fennel.

Companion planting is a wonderful practice to increase health and yields in your garden. Check out more about it here.

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