Bake sale items on a table for a preschool fundraiser

Preschool Fundraising Ideas

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All you need is a little creativity and some cooperation to execute some really great preschool fundraising ideas. Everyone needs equipment for their preschool sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for parent support to help you get it. It’s part of running a home daycare. We all know it’s not a big money-making venture!

Bake Sale items on a table for a preschool fundraiser

I hear providers say they would never do preschool fundraising, that they should provide all the supplies, but it costs a lot to provide care, and I want to keep some profit to support my family. I also know that schools do it for all of their programs and I see nothing wrong with parents helping out.

In the past when I’ve done a fundraiser, I told parents they could either participate in selling and making it a success or donate, whichever they preferred. And they all helped sell and participated. They were grateful I was doing something to make the daycare better.

Especially if you run a preschool program in your home daycare. The supplies for that are even more costly. And parents understand. You can have your group take orders out of a brochure and collect the money, or order a product and have them sell it in a preschool fundraiser.

Find an online goal calculator and use it to track your progress and keep everyone motivated. Have a fundraiser kick-off meeting or even do it in a Facebook event page. Plan a start and end date. Let parents know how much they each need to sell. Remind them a few days before the end to turn in their orders and money.

kids holding boxes of garage sale stuff to raise money for preschool

Daycare fundraising ideas

Here are some preschool fundraising ideas I’ve been playing around with and some of them I’ve already done.

  • Grow vegetables in a school garden and sell the produce
  • Save seeds from the garden to sell for next year’s seeds and plants. (I do this regularly on etsy, our store is here)
  • Create an art calendar to sell. (Using children’s art, make a calendar and sell them at a profit)
  • Sell t-shirts. You can design one and have it made and sell it for $5 more than it cost to have it made.
  • Sell cookbooks (like these kid’s cookbooks we make). You can have them made on shutterfly or another service and then sell them for $5 more than what you paid.
  • Fill a 2 liter bottle with dimes. I have heard it holds nearly $700!
  • Hold a penny war. Let the kids collect pennies from everywhere and race to see what team gets the most. You can do a bedlam battle for sports or divide teams another way.
  • Offer portraits for sale (book a photographer and make a split with them so each of you make profit)
  • Have a bingo night
  • Do a carnival and sell tickets
  • Have a Karaoke night or talent show and charge entry fees
  • Host a movie night and sell tickets
  • Garage sale. Families can donate unused items.
  • Sponsered night at a local restaurant. Sign up to earn a percentage of profits from what they sell that night and invite others to eat there.
  • Maker day with classes to create crafts. Have some creative people host different classes that you charge a fee for.
  • Make a slime factory. Let kids sign up and pay an entry fee and make tons of slime to play with. You could even do this outside.
kids holding a car wash sign for a preschool fundraiser

Fundraising ideas online

  • Silent auction. Have families donate something to auction off and have sign up sheets to bid on them.
  • Corporate matching donation drive. Get corporations to match whatever donations you can collect. You’d be surprised what you can get businesses to help with.
  • Have a read a thon. Make a pledge sheet, have people pledge per book and then read away!
  • Have a trike a thon like the read a thon but let the kids make laps on their trikes.
  • Have a walk a thon the same way.
  • Pet walk a thon. Walk the pets for pledges.

Fundraising ideas food

  • Bake sale
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Cooking classes

Fundraising raffle ideas

  • Raffle a prize such as an i-pod, big toy, tablet, childcare for a night out, home cooked dinner, or something like that.
  • Raffle a free week of daycare.
  • Raffle a gift basket.
  • Raffle tickets to a sporting event, play, restaurant meal, etc.

I know you are inspired to get started on collecting for your big project or dream and one of these ideas is going to help get you there. I can’t wait to hear all about your success with your preschool fundraising!

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