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Top 13 Childcare Websites and Blogs

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If you are a daycare provider or work in a childcare facility, you NEED support and information. These Top 13 Childcare Websites and Blogs are my go-to places to find information on running a home daycare and they are going to be game-changers for you too!

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There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. When you need menu plans, worksheets, lesson plans, a daily planner, tax information, or whatever, I’ve got you covered here. You don’t need to beat your head against the wall and do it all on your own.

Twenty-seven years ago when I started in this field, I would have given anything to have these helps to start and run my home daycare.

Now I’m a legend in my community, a seasoned provider, and an expert in many things and I still reach out to these websites for inspiration and information. They are going to give you a better life today! So check them out!

Home daycare websites

  1. Little Sprouts Learning

This blog is chock full of information to help you! Little Sprouts Learning is a treasure trove of information for childcare providers. We have been working for the past 8 years adding information for everything you need to help your families raise happy healthy kids.

And there is a lot of support for daycare providers here too. Because we all know this job is not easy. So we all have to stick together and help each other!

There are:

Stroll around the website and find the information you need. And check out our Etsy shop for help with menus, daily reports, sign-in sheets, licensing preparation, and more!

Here are some of my other favorite childcare websites and blogs that I go to over and over again for information.

2. Daycare Time Solutions

Daycare Time Solutions was built to save you time with quality products and services. They offer unique and fun lesson plans as well as editable parent handbooks and other business forms. They also offer social media management and even build daycare websites! They really care about home daycare providers!

See their wonderful products:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Website Design
  • Busy Binders
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Branding
  • Marketing Materials
  • Apparel
  • Business Documents

This website is going to totally change your life!

3. Thriving Child Care

Thriving childcare helps with the common pitfalls and issues of running a childcare business. Their passion is to help with real-world advice, resources, and products for running your daycare!

4. Home Daycare Summit

Home Daycare Summit is a virtual conference made for the family childcare provider.

They offer:

  • CDA Training
  • Inspection Binders
  • Consulting
  • Other Products
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Family childcare blogs

5. Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business

Tom Copeland is the foremost authority on taxes for family childcare businesses. He is a treasure to the child care community and shares a wealth of experience and information on his blog Taking Care of Business. He has handouts, articles, and trainings available on his website, so go check it out.

6. 15 Worksheets

If you love worksheets, you can get FREE worksheets at 15 Worksheets. They are made by a group of retired teachers that hate when you have to pay for stuff so they have 15 worksheets for every subject you can think of. Check them out. They have some super cute stuff there. Preschool stuff is there, so go and see.

7. Simply Daycare

Simply Daycare has many tools to help you run your business affordably and simply.

  • Start A Daycare
  • Home Based Daycare
  • Free Daycare Forms
  • Daycare Tips
  • Provider Resources
  • Child Safety Tips
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Activities for Kids

8. Where Imagination Grows

Alyssa at Where Imagination Grows is a mom and daycare provider who wants to help you make your home daycare business a tiny bit easier. She has articles and products that will help you succeed.

  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Light Play
  • Ideas by Age
  • Lesson Plans
  • Products

9. Preschool Plan-It

Preschool Plan-It is run by an early childhood educator/director with over 20 year’s experience. She knows the time you spend developing your plans. So she wants to help you plan engaging, hands-on, interactive, fun activities that meet your goals of supporting each child’s growth and development.

She provides developmentally appropriate experiences that support the growth and development of your kids without sacrificing all of your personal time. A place where you can just search…find…and plan!

emergency contact for for childcare

Daycare home helps

There are a few more childcare websites that I have used over the years to fill needs that I’ve had in my home daycare. They are also full of helpful and meaningful information.

10. Hands On as We Grow

Hands On as We Grow has hands on activities to do with your kids.

11. Kidzone Educational Worksheets

Kidzone Educational Worksheets has printable worksheets you can use.

12. Daycare Answers

Daycare Answers is a combination of information from experience and research that will help make your job easier and save you time.

13. The Daycare Lady

The Daycare Lady is your personal online coach.

And a bonus!

Mother Goose Time

Mother Goose Time offers research based early childhood curriculum.

Each of these childcare websites and blogs has something unique to offer and has the true best interest of the home daycare provider in mind. We are all here to help you succeed. This list will save you tons of time looking for places to get help with your business.

Here are some great ideas for Home Daycare Curriculum.

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