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Home Daycare Essentials

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When it comes to running a home daycare, the number one priority is making sure the kids are safe and that you have everything you need. Here are the home daycare essentials I’ve learned I can’t live without.

daycare setup with table and chairs, storage, and toys

When making a list of needed daycare essentials, you want to try and think of every scenario, big or small, so that you can prepare and have those daycare essentials on hand. This can be hard because you really don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day, but you want to be prepared.

You also want to think about what type of activities you will be doing and items that will help make it more comfortable for the kids and make things easier for you. In this list of items that you should have in your daycare, we’ve included everything from essential equipment to everyday items that you may need to have on hand for the unexpected.

After 27 years of providing childcare in my home, here are my favorite home daycare essentials that I wouldn’t want to live without!

Best Daycare Supplies

Step stools can come in handy because they can be used in a variety of ways. A sturdy stool will help children be able to reach the sink, help them get onto the toilet, or reach countertops with supervision.

When it comes to nap time, having something comfortable for the children to rest on is important. They make cots for children, but nap mats are still one of the most popular items to have ready for nap time.

table and chairs, easle, rug, toys

The kids will need somewhere to sit and work, eat, or even play. A good sturdy set of table and chairs can be a necessity for your daycare. Depending on how many children you will have in your daycare, investing in at least 2 of these would be helpful.

When it comes to lunch time, sturdy unbreakable plates will be needed. This set of plates has compartments so you can separate their food. They are also reusable so you can wash them and put them away for next time.


A high chair is a must for younger children when it comes to mealtime. Going with a convertible high chair will allow you to use it for multiple ages. I prefer a booster that attaches to a chair because I don’t have room in my dining room daycare set up to fit high chairs. So I like to get these. They are adjustable for different sizes of kids and they last forever.

I use my dining room table for crafts as well. I love these no-spill paint cups are a must. Kids can get messy, paint is messy, and these no-spill paint cups can help save you from a huge mess. Here are some of my favorite products for art.

Every daycare classroom should have a least one first aid kit that is stocked. This popular first aid kit is fully organized and has over 100 pieces of first air treatment products. Stocking up on band-aids is another must so grab a few extra to include in your first aid kit!

Having a vacuum that you can easily store and get out when needed is also important so that you can clean up quickly. Here are my favorite tools for cleaning up the floor.

With this 5-section locker organizer, the kids can hang their coats, shoes, and other items they’ve brought to daycare with them. It will also help you keep all of their items organized and in one place.

For daycares with young children, a pack and play or crib can come in handy. It can be used a nap space or quiet time.

stacks of diapers

Here are the must-have daycare supplies for parents to have.

Home daycare startup

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