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25 Ways to Use Excess Tomatoes from the Garden

25 Ways to Use Excess Tomatoes from the Garden

There’s that certain time of the year when produce from your garden is drowning you from every side. What do you do with all the excess tomatoes your garden produces? You know in a few months, you’ll be longing for those delicious home-grown tomatoes again and they will be nowhere near.

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Playful Pinwheels-Cooking with KIDS!

Pinwheels, cooking with kids

Making pinwheels is a great activity for kids to do. Cooking with kids is fun and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Letting kids prepare their own food builds self-esteem, self-help skills, fine motor skills, social skills, and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Kids who prepare food are much more likely to want to try new and healthy things. Click here to see more benefits of cooking with kids.

Usually when a new child enters my program, whether they are a picky eater or not, at first they don’t try many new foods they haven’t seen before. Once we begin to build trust, they may try a few more things, but after we begin preparing food together, the kids really branch out and try more and more things. Introducing a new food takes some patience. You have to offer a food 11 times before the child no longer considers it something new. So don’t give up, healthy habits are worth the effort! By the time children have been at Little Sprouts for a few months, most of them are eating a much bigger variety of foods than they did before they came. I think that’s awesome!

Making pinwheels is a great way to incorporate some vegetables into something the kids already love. Most kids love tortillas and meat and cheese, so sliding a few veggies onto their pinwheel to make it look colorful and pretty just helps it to be more fun. This recipe was a big hit with my Little Sprouts.

Pinwheels-cooking with kids

The first step, after the kids wash their hands, is to give each child a tortilla and a hunk of cream cheese to spread on it. Spreading is a great way to build motor skills in kid’s hands that are needed for good penmanship.

kids making pinwheelsThe next step is to layer on some meat the kids love. Then on top of that, you can add thin slices of whatever veggies you think the kids will enjoy. We used tomatoes and cucumbers for the pretty colors they add. I let the kids choose how many vegetables to add, but they wanted to add more than they would normally choose because they were in control of the toppings.

Lastly, show the kids how to roll them up like a burrito and cut slices of them off. Then display them on a plate and when it’s time to each, let each child choose how many pinwheels they want to start with.

pinwheels, cooking with kids

There are unlimited variations of this recipe. Your pinwheels could be sweet or savory. You could use the cream cheese and add fruits instead of vegetables for a fun side dish. You could add fresh herbs, super thinly sliced carrots or other veggies, or a multitude of other toppings. The only limit is your imagination.

Have you ever tried making pinwheels with your kids? How did they like them?




Balsamic Chopped Salad

I’m on my own tonight and wanted something tasty to eat. I also wanted something that wasn’t too time consuming to make and that was fresh and healthy.  I LOVE chopped salad and I LOVE marinated salads. I looked around to see what I had to choose from and this is what I came up with. 

I’m eating it right now and it’s super delicious!  Something about the combination of avocados and bacon is magical.  I love balsamic on just about anything, and the little bit of microgreens I had left were just the touch needed to make it taste super fresh and delish!

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