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7 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas (Pasta)

LOTSA PASTA RECIPE: Cooking with kids is fun and rewarding! This Lotsa Pasta recipe was a huge hit here at Little Sprouts. The possibilities of what you could add to it are endless. You can use leftovers, whatever you need to use up from the fridge, and it's healthy!

Convenience meals like Hamburger Helper or other prepackaged quick and easy dinner ideas pasta are super easy to recreate without all the chemicals. You can have a healthy, one-pot, easy dinner on the table for your family in no time. All the recipes start the same way, and you can change them up to fit what works for your family’s taste!

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10 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas That Are Healthy Too!

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One thing that’s a struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY is what to have for dinner. Have you seen that meme, why do they want dinner every single night? I crack up at that cause it’s so how I feel. Dinner seems to keep on showing up and expecting to be made. Boo! Here are a bunch of quick and easy dinner ideas that are healthy and your kids will love!

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