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Process Art for Valentine’s Day

process art for Valentine's Day

I love love love Valentine’s day. I love letting the kids create tons of wonderful process art creations. When I spend time with the kids making things, I really want them to gain confidence and self-esteem from each activity. Crafts, or what we generally think of as kid’s activities don’t allow kids to express their own ideas. We give them supplies, and ask them to create something like what everyone else is making. » Read more

How to Throw a Valentine Party for Very Young Kids

Throwing parties for kids should be as simple as possible. A valentine party is no exception. The easier you make it on yourself, the more fun you can have. We do very simple little parties at Little Sprouts because it makes it so much more fun!

I go easy on the decorations and focus on what we are going to do. I ask each family to bring a treat to share. That takes care of the snacks and I don’t have to cook for days. Another reason to let kids bring the treats is because this is another great way to get parents involved in the daycare. Parent involvement is a big key to a successful childcare business. Click here to see more ways to get parents involved.

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