Thankfulness-How to Practice Being Thankful

Sometimes in life we lose our focus and put it on the wrong places. We see a big storm or problem and we can’t see the good that is all around us in the little things. I like to revel and be thankful for the little things in my life. It changes my perspective.

I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love getting together with family, I love spending time making special food for peeps. Thankfulness is something I try to practice year round. It took some time to learn how to practice being thankful.

I LOVE turkey! I love celebrating the holidays because I don’t see my family a lot and on special holidays, we spend time together.

Thankfulness-How to Practice Being Thankful

Around the holiday time, I have a hard time not getting bogged down in sadness because of how people view the holidays. There is so much BLACK FRIDAY craze and now even black THURSDAY??? WHAT?

People are actually taking the family time away from retail workers on one of the most family-oriented holidays of the year and making them WORK so people can save money on plastic containers or a throw for the couch? Why has GREED taken over our country in such an ugly way? It hurts my feelings that people would actually shop on these days.

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Greed and consumerism
I have heard people say, well they are having the sale, I might as well get the bargain. And I have heard people say we go after we eat with the family and the shopping is our family time too. BUT GUESS WHAT?

If you ate with your family and then went to the sale, which was prepped earlier that day, guess who didn’t get ANY family time because they were prepping a stupid sale so you could save a dollar on a flashlight? The workers at greedy gut Wal-Mart. If NOONE SHOPPED THESE SALES, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE THEM! We vote with our dollars every day.

Black Friday brings out fights and struggles over who is going to save on that one x-box at best buy, it brings out pushing, and hateful behavior, but over what? Why is it so important to save that money at the expense of treating another human being with contempt? Greed brings out the worst in everyone and I hate it.


By Halloween, the stores are already putting out Christmas stuff everywhere to try to snag your money from your pocket as you get your trick or treat candy. There are big wish books for stores that turn kids into greedy little monsters. We condition our kids these days to think they have to have everything they see and want. By the time they are teenagers or even younger, they can’t be satisfied no matter what.

What I hate about this is that once we are adults, we have to have more and more greed in our life until we are the CEO of a big company who pays their workers minimum wage and sells overpriced products off the sweat of their backs and we have 4 or 5 vacation homes and yachts and it’s still not enough.

I want it, I want it now

We can’t even see that giving our employees some dental insurance or another 2 dollars an hour would help them have some quality of life and we really only need one vacation home, we don’t need them all!

Sometimes, if we don’t make a lot of money, we can turn to drugs, alcohol, or other wild living to fulfill our needs of having more and more and more. And we are never satisfied. It’s not good…

Why does this have anything to do with daycare? Because we are the ones influencing the future. We are the ones touching the beginning of someone’s life. The child whose mom is mad that the new I-phone just came out and a few months ago she got the old one and now hers isn’t the newest. What does it matter? Does the phone not work? Do jeans from k-mart not wear as long as ones from Dillard’s?

Practicing gratitude and positive thinking

If your father had cancer, would you not trade all the coach bags in the world to have him healthy? If your car was heading for an accident, wouldn’t you rather turn around than lose your life? We are headed for disaster here. Our priorities are way out of proportion. We need to get back to what is important. We have to turn things around. The kids we serve are the place to start. We can influence families. We can help.

So, here we are…faced with a huge challenge. How can we make a difference? We can influence those around us. We can focus on what we have instead of what we wish we had. We can look inward and see how many beautiful gifts we have that are FREE!

Being thankful

I watched a video on Facebook a few days ago about some kids. They wrote letters to Santa and their lists were long, front and back. Then they wrote letters to their parents to ask for gifts. They all asked for things like a whole day together, more reading time, snuggles, or more dinners together as a family. None of the kids wanted THINGS from their parents.

Then the officiators asked the kids if they could only mail one letter to tell what they wanted, would they mail the letters to Santa or Mom and Dad. They took a while to decide. They said it was a hard decision, but in the end, they all chose to send the letters to their parents instead of Santa.

How to be truly grateful

This speaks volumes. What kids really need and want is actually free.

When November begins and I feel myself getting bogged down with all the greed and materialism that surrounds me, I try to look inward and think of things I am thankful for. I am so grateful for the wonderful life God gave me. I have a really really blessed life.

I have a husband who after taking some time to grow up, is ALL IN with me. He is 100% on my side, has my back, and I am his priority. He’s not perfect, I’m too grouchy sometimes, but we are happy. He has integrity and stands up for what’s right. That is rare today. He completes me. He cares for me and meets my needs. He loves me unconditionally and takes good care of me. I would not trade that for the world. I know everyone doesn’t have that and I’m grateful for my life.

blessings, thanksgiving, two people smiling in the garden

I have a daughter who is amazing. She has grown up to be a wonderful human being. I am so proud that she cares about the world and tries to make a difference where she can. That’s not something that’s easy to teach, but I actually did it. I raised a good human. In this world that is no small feat!

Being grateful

I have a job that I absolutely love! I have fun every day. It’s never boring. It’s not an easy job, and most of what I make runs the business, but wouldn’t trade it for all the yachts in the world. I LOVE what I’m doing, and I’m good at it. I am changing the world through these kids. It’s the most important job in the world. I’m so blessed to get to do it.

I have an amazing Savior who made me, loves me and chose me. He has good plans for me. He wants me to have hope and a future. He loves me unconditionally. He will never leave me. As I navigate this life full of pain and disappointments, I know He’s right there by my side making plans for good things for me. He’s a good God and He’s mine!


I try to spend all of the holiday time being grateful for these things and so many other wonderful blessings in my life. I don’t deserve all this goodness, but I have it anyway, and I’m always in awe of that. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to reflect on good things.

It’s supposed to be spent being grateful for everything God has given us. It’s so much better for my mind, body, and spirit to focus on these things. Things that can’t be bought. Things that don’t come on sale. Things that I REALLY DO NEED, rather than what more I can get get get.

The best things in life are free…be thankful!

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Thankfulness-How to Practice Being Thankful


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