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What Portion Sizes Should I Be Feeding My Young Child?

How much food does a young child need? Will my child starve?

How much does my child need to eat? It’s so hard to know what is enough and we worry our kids are not getting the nourishment they need. Many times we think kids aren’t eating “anything” when in fact, they are eating the appropriate portion sizes for their age.

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How to Plan a Childcare MENU

Do you look at planning your childcare menu and feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin? Making a plan for your childcare menu is a big job. I would highly recommend getting on a food program because they will give you guidelines to go by. I don’t whole heartedly agree with all of the USDA rules, but I do know the program can help kids get better nutrition than they otherwise would. Think of providers that just make a package of ramen and that’s all the kids get. They would like it, but it isn’t optimal for children’s health.

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