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What’s Growing on in the Garden in May?

The May garden at Little Sprouts is rockin and rollin. Plants are growing like crazy. We are finding a lot of slugs and rabbit damage as well. Our cucumber, cantaloupe, squash, and watermelons are being eaten to the ground as fast as they germinate. Silly rabbits, there will be more food if you stop that.

Here’s a short tour of what’s growing right now.

Video produced by Ever Change Productions. Check it out here.

We’ve been picking lots of lettuce, kale, asparagus, radishes and carrots, and a little bit of dill, kohlrabi, bok choy, spinach, cilantro, strawberries, onions, and potatoes. So far, this month we’ve harvested 22 pounds of fresh produce. Pretty good for a group of preschool kids! The kids have gotten to take home greens and lettuce and a few took home cilantro. We have eaten all homegrown veggies for lunch this week. That’s a great start to summer!

may garden, another potato bedThis is one of our potato beds, they look great this year! Growing potatoes has been quite elusive for us so we are excitedly hoping this is our year!

may garden, butternut squashHere is a close up of our butternut squash bed. Let’s hope the rabbits don’t see this!

may garden, herbsThe herb tower is going strong! There is mostly thyme growing in there. But we also have some tarragon and oregano.

may gardens peppers and butternut squashThis is one of our hot pepper beds. We are growing jalapeno, habanero, ancho, serrano, and mucho nacho this year. Mr. Kent LOVES hot peppers.

may gardens tomatoes and volunteer potatoesThis is a bed of tomatoes that has several volunteer potatoes growing in it. We harvested them this week to give more light to the tomatoes and got 2 1/2 pounds of new purple potatoes. Yummy!

may gardens, asparagus, flowers, mint, dill, ground cherries, green beansThis is a shot of our small asparagus bed, our barrels of flowers and mint and our green bean bed. The far barrel is growing ground cherries-we hope!

may gardens, blueberry patchHere’s a shot of one of the blueberry bushes we planted this spring. They look good so far.

may gardens, blueberry

This is a close up of our dwarf blueberries. They have fruit again this year. We can’t wait for them to get ripe!

may gardens, dwarf blueberriesHere are all four of them, they are growing in one of our front flower beds.

may gardens, broccoli, peas, cilantro, flowers, jerusalem artichokesThis is the cucumber bed. It has a couple of broccoli plants, some peas on the back that will burn up by the time they grow up, and a lot of cilantro volunteer plants from last year. I guess cilantro reseeds itself. It’s yummy, so I don’t mind!

may gardens, butterfly row, fennel, dill, wildflowersThis is the butterfly row, the first bed has tiny fennel plants, second one has dill and a few shards of swiss chard. I guess the rabbits have been eating those seedlings as well, the next bed has wildflowers, and the last one also does including milkweed for the monarchs.

This row is full of caterpillars that we can observe. It’s a very exciting part of the garden. If you want to check out what we grow for the caterpillars, click here.

May gardens, canteloupeThis bed is supposed to be full of cantaloupes, but mysteriously from 4 different seed packets not a single seed has germinated. I don’t know if something is eating them as soon as they “hatch” or if every seed packet from every company is a dud? We reseeded again yesterday to try again.

may gardens, cool season crops, broccoli, spinach, onions, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, chinese cabbage, bok choy, cauliflowerHere are the cool season plants, onions, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, Chinese cabbage, and what not.

may gardens, jerusalem artichokes, ginger, lettuce, onionsThis bucket has Jerusalem artichokes, the bed next to it is ginger, then the following one is lettuce and onions. We have inter-planted several beds with onions for deterring pests that think onions stink such as cabbage looper worms.

may gardens, kale, onions, artichoke, beans, lavendarThis is one of our kale/onion beds. We have two of them.

may gardens, lovage, carrots, broccoli, flowers,This is lovage and carrots. Lovage is a perennial herb that is reminiscent of celery. The bed next to it has flowers and the next one is supposed to have pumpkins, but like the cantaloupe, we’ve had no luck so far.

may gardens, okra and prepared sweet potato bed not yet plantedThe front bed pictured here is growing okra. We have lost about half of the seedlings to rabbit attacks, but half are still growing, so maybe we will get some okra. The bed next to it is empty, but will contain sweet potatoes when the slips arrive.

may gardens, onions, cauliflower, carrots, radishesThis bed is full of broccoli and onions. The one in the back ground is onions.

may gardens, three sisters, corn with drying beans, butternut, zucchini, and pumpkinsThese beds are our three sisters experiments. We are growing corn, beans, and squash in them. the front bed will have black beans for drying and butternut squash, the middle bed will have black beans and zucchini, and the back bed up against the fence will have chick peas and pumpkins. Three sisters is a planting method used by the Cherokee Indians to interplant corn for a trellis that is a heavy feeder, with beans that need to climb and add nitrogen to the soil, and squash that lays on the ground shading the roots of the plants and blocking weeds.

may gardens, sunflowers, kale, onionsThis is another kale/onion bed with sunflowers along the back.

may gardens, strawberry bedThis is our front yard strawberry bed. We re-dug and re-planted it this year because it was overrun with grass and we couldn’t get it out. Don’t mind the toy snake, it’s supposed to be chasing birds away from our berries.

may gardens, strawberry plantHere’s a close up of all the berries on our plants.

may gardens, potatoes, this is our year!Our big potato bed. I really think this will be our year for potatoes. Really this time!

may gardens, plumsHere’s a close up of all the plums on our plum tree. This is the first time it has put fruit on, so we are hopeful we will be eating plums this year. We still need to do more thinning on all of our fruit trees. It’s a work in progress.

may gardens, peach treeThis is one of our two peach trees loaded with fruit as well. Last year the fruit on all of our trees froze in a late killing frost, so this is a hopeful time for us. We also lost our big pear tree in a wind storm that we have eaten hundreds of pears from every year. It was a sad, fruitless season. This year everything is looking great. Cross your fingers!

may gardens, onions, garlic, asparagusThis bed has onions on one side. They are Egyptian walking onions that will reproduce indefinitely. The other end of the bed is garlic and the bed behind that is garlic as well. The other bed is our large asparagus bed. We have been enjoying asparagus a lot this season.

may gardens, watermelonThis is another bed waiting for sweet potatoes. Yum yum. We have two sweet potatoes left from last year’s harvest, so they have fed us well.

may gardens, wild blackberriesAnd this is a shot of some of the wild blackberries that are all over our field next to our garden. They do produce and we hope to beat the birds to a few of them this year.

Growing your own food is delicious and healthy whether you grow a little or a lot. It’s so much fun to make food happen with your own efforts and a lot of help from God. Please don’t be intimidated by all the space we have to grow, we had just as much fun in our first 3 x 10 raised bed. Even if you have just a few pots to grow in, you can do great things.

What do you have growing in your neck of the woods?