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What’s Growing on in the Children’s Garden in July?

So far our grand tally of pounds of produce grown has reached over 300 pounds. We grew 125 pounds of it so far in July. Wow, can you believe that? There is still a lot more garden season to come.

gardening with kids, haresting vegetables

We’ve had many failures, but we’ve been enjoying lots of delicious food as well. It’s so much fun to go out in the back yard and get something for your lunch or dinner. When you can make a meal with mostly home grown foods, it’s even more satisfying. Our produce purchases have gone way down. Last week we bought a bunch of bananas, a small watermelon, and two avocados. Everything else we ate, we grew! I am required to serve 4 servings of fruits or vegetables per day to my kids and there are 7 of them, so just that is a lot of produce!

Children's Garden in July

Cute little caterpillar we found on the fennel. We brought him in to watch him metamorphosis.

AMAZING! I love that, and my budget loves it too. I love turning a $1 packet of seeds into 30 pounds of produce. It’s like magic. If you want to read about how to get started, click here.

Check out what kinds of things we’ve been eating from our magical garden.

peppers and carrots from children's gardenkid's garden harvest

july harvest, children's garden

gardening with kids, harvest in july

harvesting onions and garlic with kids

children's garden july harvest


What are you growing?