How to Save Money on Quality Toys

Toys are a big expense for a family childcare provider. They are a big expense for parents as well. Even grandparents get to buy toys for the little people in their life. In my childcare, things get broken on a regular basis with so many kids playing with them.

Buying a quality toy is a great way for me to save money on this big expense for my business. If I buy a really good quality toy, it’s going to be an investment in the future. If I buy cheapo toys, I may have to replace those in no time. Melissa and Doug make some of my favorite. Every toy they make is high quality, they have many wooden toys, and they are all educational in some way. I love the values they have in their products.

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Shop Groupon Goods

When I am looking to save money on toys, I look to Groupon Goods first. Click on the red link to check out what great deals they have to offer. They carry a good variety of Melissa and Doug toys. I can always find some when I’m looking.
saving money on toys

Right now, Groupon Goods has a great deal on foam alphabet floor play mats and many other high quality products. The whole set marked down from $49.99 to $24.99. I love these mats! Click here to check them out. I also saw a great deal on Duracell batteries. 100 AAA or AA batteries for only $27.99. Head over to Groupon Goods to check them out! I know I have tons of toys and other things that need batteries. I love Duracell because they last much longer.


Buy used toys

Another way you can save money on toys is buying used. I have gotten some of my very best toys my kids have played with for 20 years from thrift stores. I only buy things used that can be disinfected, but I love to scour the children’s used clothing stores for really cool toys that are new to my kids. Don’t forget about garage sales too. You never know what you will find.

Don’t forget, less is more. You don’t need every single toy ever made for your kids to have a good time. Actually, you will find that if you have too many toys out at once, the kids get bored and don’t play with any of them. I keep many of my toys stored away in totes and just leave out a few all of the time. When I rotate new toys out from the totes, the kids find interest in them again and enjoy playing. It really cuts down on behavior problems for me. I would totally recommend it.

Share with friends

Another great idea to get more mileage out of a toy is to trade toys with a friend. I used to have a family provider friend that I shared toys with. We would borrow toys from each other for each unit we were doing. That way we only had to buy half the number of toys over the year. I recommend you having someone you can really rely on to use this method. I have shared things with people for all kinds of reasons and most of them never return them. I only traded with her because she was reliable in bringing them back. I made sure I took good care of her things as well. If you have someone like that, share away!

Shop around

Make sure when you decide on a toy you’d like to purchase; you check in as many places as possible for the best price. If you can buy it local, great. If not, make sure you are getting the best deal. Groupon Goods is a great website to keep in your favorites to check the price on every item. You could save a bundle of cash. We all know daycare is not a lucrative business, so saving every penny is important. Each dollar you save on expenses is another dollar that goes toward taking care of your family. It’s worth the time to check it out. Click here to check out Groupon Goods.

What are your favorite ways to save on toys?

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How to Save Money on Quality Toys



  1. Tinese says:

    Great post! This is good for the upcoming Christmas season’! I can stand to save a few dollars this year!

  2. Valerie says:

    I love to go to garage sales and thrift shops too.

  3. Kayla says:

    Great post! There are tons of ways to save on toys without buying cheap. I love your idea of sharing the toys with someone you trust that way you only have to buy half. And I also love the idea of rotating the toys out, so the kids don’t get bored of them all at once. Thanks for sharing!

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