Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food!


Do you wish your kids ate healthier foods? Are you worried about them growing up healthy? Are you overwhelmed and need more hours in a day? Do you wish you could make healthy food delicious, but you don’t know how? You can do it. It’s not as hard as you think. Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food will show you how to transition your family’s diet in manageable steps. Seventeen years ago, Christina Kamp was always sick, always tired, and always having allergic reactions. She found out it was food that was making her sick. She had a packaged ramen noodle and McDonald’s lifestyle and it was killing her family! She learned how to change her family’s habits to give them long lasting health and energy and she can help you do it too! It’s all about making small changes and adding to them. You can have more energy to keep up with your kids, they will have fewer behavior problems, and everyone’s moods will be better too. Using her 23 years of experience in preparing healthy food for kids, Christina has written an e-book to help you go from a nutrition zero to a nutrition hero one step at a time using her menus, shopping lists and cooking instructions. The book includes meal plans, recipes, and everything you need to be successful in changing your family’s diet along with information about why you need to make the changes. You can feed your kids healthy food without going broke or spending 24 hours a day in the kitchen. Pick up your copy of Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food today and find out how to bring more nutrition to your family and be a nutrition hero for them and you! What do readers think of the book? “The amount of content in this book is overwhelming! In a good way! Christina goes into so much detail on everything; the what, the why, and the how are all completely covered. Such a great resource! And honestly, forget about this book being just for kids! Anyone who wants to eat well could benefit from this book! The section about hiding veggies has me rushing out for spinach to add to basically everything my son eats! Ha! He used to love a wide variety of fruits and veggies, but just like many other toddlers, he has now resorted to only wanting a few things. However, little does he know that all the fruits and veggies he used to love are making a comeback 😀 Even though I’ve been “clean eating” for a long time, I still learned a lot from this book and would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone!” -Victoria in Texas


Available in e-book and paperback. 


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