Star of David Okra Seeds from the Little Sprouts Preschool Garden


Expand your at-home garden with Star of David okra seeds harvested from the Little Sprouts Preschool garden! This Israeli okra variety is delicious in countless recipes and easy to grow in warm climates.

Product Features: 

  • 1 pack contains 25 Star of David okra seeds
  • Comes with growing instructions
  • Organically harvested from Little Sprouts Preschool


Star of David Okra Seeds from Little Sprouts Preschool

There’s nothing more satisfying than growing and harvesting your own food from an at-home garden! Expand your gardening skills with these Star of David okra seeds, harvested with love from the preschooler’s gardens at Little Sprouts Preschool! 

There are so many fantastic recipes for okra. It’s a delicious, hearty vegetable that’s popular as an appetizer, in soups, as a healthy snack, and more. Little Sprouts Star of David okra seeds come in packages of 25 seeds, and each purchase goes directly back to Little Sprouts Preschool, raising money to buy more plants for the ever-growing garden. By supporting Little Sprouts, you’re helping young gardeners learn more about growing healthy fruits and vegetables in their own backyards. What a great cause! 

What is Star of David Okra? 

Star of David okra seeds are an Israeli variety of okra and is commonly grown in warm, southern climates. This okra variety grows with grooves in the stalks that, when cut, resemble a gorgeous “star” pattern inside! This variety of okra can grow up to between 8 to 10-foot tall stalks, and produce pods up to 7 inches long when fully matured. While it may seem like it still has time to grow, Star of David okra is best picked when the pods are between 2 and 3 inches long, which is when they taste the best.

How to Grow Okra 

Okra is best grown in hot climates, so it’s very common in southern regions (best in zones 3-9). Before planting, soak the okra seeds in water for 12 to 18 hours. Begin the planting process at least two weeks after all danger of frost in your region has passed. 

Okra will grow in any well-drained garden soil in full sun. The soil should be worked 8 to 10 inches deep to promote strong root growth, and compost or organic fertilizer should be worked in. Most okra growers sow seeds directly in the garden. Plant the okra seeds an inch deep and 2 inches apart, in rows 3 feet apart. The ideal soil temperature for okra growth is approximately 70 degrees F. Once sprouted, the plants should be thinned to about 15 inches.

Okra pods should be picked when they are 2 to 3 inches long for the best results, which is about 2 months after planting. Larger pods will be tough and fibrous, so make sure you’re harvesting often – every two to three days to assure tender pods. Some okra varieties have short, hairy bristles that can cause itchiness and a possible rash, so wear gloves when harvesting the pods.


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