Luffa Seeds from the Little Sprouts Preschool Garden


These Luffa seeds are saved by the preschoolers at Little Sprouts, harvested from their own little garden! Each pack of Luffa Gourd seeds comes with 10 seeds. The perfect addition to your at-home garden!

Product Features: 

  • 1 pack contains 10 Luffa Gourd seeds
  • Comes with growing instructions
  • Organically harvested from Little Sprouts Preschool



Luffa Seeds from the Little Sprouts Preschool Garden

Expand your garden with the addition of luffa gourds! These luffa seeds are harvested and saved by the preschoolers at Little Sprouts preschool, saved from their very own garden! Each pack of luffa seeds comes with 10 seeds to grow your own homegrown luffa sponges. 

Loofa or Luffa: What Are Luffa Gourds?

Luffa gourds – also commonly known as loofas – are members of the pumpkin, squash, and gourd family and are grown on the vine. You might be familiar with the common use of luffas, as exfoliating sponges. The rough, hard inner fibers are what’s left after a long summer of growing, and can be used in many unique and creative ways!

How to Grow Luffa Seeds

Luffa sponges need a long, hot summer to grow completely, and often grows well into autumn to fully mature. Germination of luffa seeds is difficult, so expect only a few seeds to successfully germinate (especially if this is your first time planting luffas). 

Plant 3 to 4 luffa seeds per location about 3/4 inch deep in small hills of soil. Space the hills a minimum of 3 feet apart, though 6 feet is much better. The average soil temperature must be around 70 degrees F or warmer for luffa seeds to sprout and plants to grow. Luffa gourds grow best with a sturdy trellis to grow on, so this is a must if you want successful luffa plants in your garden! Luffa vines can grow to be up to 30 feet long.

For areas where the growing season time is marginal, starting the luffa seeds in pots well ahead of the last frost date is a better choice. Germination time can vary widely. Typically, luffa seeds take up to 7 to 14 days to sprout, but sometimes, it can take weeks. Luffa seed germination rates can vary widely, about 50 to 70% for ideal planting conditions.

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