How to Use all the Garden Produce You Grow (Without Canning): Gardening eBook


Have an over-productive home garden? Make use of your entire seasonal harvest with the Little Sprouts Learning Garden Produce Guide! How to Use All the Garden Produce Your Grow (Without Canning) includes recipes for overproductive plants, freezing and dehydrating tips, and more.

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How to Use all the Garden Produce You Grow (Without Canning)

Do you have a successful, productive garden? Great! Now learn how to get the most from your prosperous garden every growing season with the Little Sprouts Learning guide on how to use ALL your garden produce without the need for canning. 

Canning vegetables and garden produce can be a great way to preserve the fruits of your labor, but canning requires extra work, expertise, and time. With this garden product guide, you can make the most of your fresh fruits and vegetables without the extra time commitment of canning. 

Making the Most of Your Garden Produce

The Little Sprouts Learning garden produce guide gives you helpful resources for making the most of your homegrown produce. Recipes created especially for produce that tends to overproduce, step-by-step instructions on how to dehydrate and freeze the produce from your garden, and even a few fermenting and extracting tips. With this how-to guide, you don’t have to worry about any of your harvest going to waste. 

More Gardening Resources from Little Sprouts Learning

Gardening is a wholesome way to grow your own food and teach valuable lessons to children, connecting them with the Earth and their food. If you’re looking for more gardening resources, Little Sprouts Learning has what you need. 

Additional information

Published Date

October 28, 2020




82 pages


Kindle, Paperback


8.5 x 0.19 x 11 inches


Christina Kamp


Little Sprouts Learning


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