Daycare Business Plan Worksheet


Is running an at-home daycare a viable, profitable option for you? Little Sprouts Learning’s Daycare Business Plan worksheet is a printable PDF document with many helpful prompts to guide you in your business planning venture.

Business Plan Worksheet Features: 

  • Printable PDF
  • Standard 8 1/2 x 11 page size
  • Print as many copies as you need!
  • Prompts for planning hours, revenue, expenses, marketing and more


Daycare Business Plan Worksheet

Are you thinking about starting an at-home daycare? Starting any business is hard work, but when it comes to starting your very own daycare business, you need the right tools to plan down to the finest details. Little Sprouts Learning has created this downloadable Daycare Business Plan worksheet to help you determine if starting a daycare business is a smart, profitable business venture. 

Customized Prompts for Daycare Business Planning

Our specially designed Daycare Business Planner worksheet comes with prompts that help you plan every detail of a daycare business. 

  • Revenue: use our prompts to plot out revenue goals and milestones.
  • Expenses: track daily, weekly, and monthly expense estimates to know just what you need to get your daycare business up and running.
  • Marketing: How will you spread the word about your new home daycare business? Plan marketing strategy, materials, and more.
  • Operating Hours: plan how to balance life and the rewarding work of daycare with operations plans, hours, and budgets.
  • Miscellaneous: our Daycare Business Planner takes into account even the most minuscule planning needs – ones you might not have even thought of yet!

Home daycare can be a fulfilling, rewarding career. Plan every step of the way using our Daycare Business Planner, and feel more secure in your decision to start a daycare business.

Little Sprouts Learning has many other daycare planning and operations resources available for you once your new daycare business gets off the ground. Check out: 


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8 1/2" x 11" page size


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