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  • Seed packets in a pile

    Little Sprouts Preschool Garden Luffa Seeds


    Luffa seeds, harvested and saved by preschoolers from their own garden at Little Sprouts.

    10 Luffa Seeds to grow your own homegrown luffa sponges. Needs long hot summer to grow. Germination is difficult, so expect only a few seeds to germinate.

    Plant 3 to 4 seeds per location about 3/4 inch deep in small hills of soil. Space hills a minimum of 3 feet apart. 6 feet is much better. Average soil temperature must be around 70 degrees F or warmer for seeds to sprout and plants to grow. You must have a sturdy trellis to grow luffas on. Vines can be up to 30 feet long.

    For areas where the growing season time is marginal, starting the seeds in pots well ahead of the last frost date is a better choice. Germination time can vary widely. It could take weeks. Typically it is 7 to 14 days. Luffa seed germination rates can vary widely, about 50 to 70% for ideal planting conditions.

  • Quality Heirloom Seeds-Seeds for Generations

    Old fashioned seed company, family owned, high quality and ethically processed.

  • Seed Garlic


    Seed garlic saved by preschoolers at Little Sprouts Garden. Never been sprayed or any chemicals used.
    A softneck variety, it produces high yields of bulbs that store well. Plant in fall. Divide cloves right before planting and plant 4 inches deep and 4 inches apart. Mulch well and harvest in May or June. Flavor is full and complex, with just the right amount of heat – not too hot, not too mild. Bulbs produce 5-8 cloves each. This very productive variety generates great yields. Price is for ONE BULB.

  • Star of David Okra Seeds


    Star of David Okra Seeds-25 seeds per package

    70 days. Israeli variety. Short, very thick pods are quite delicious. The pods are twice as big around as most okra.

    These seeds are saved by preschoolers from the okra they grew in their garden and are being sold to raise money for more plants for them to grow in their garden.