How to Organize Garden Seeds

How to Organize Garden Seeds

Do you ever get so excited about ordering seeds that you double order? I do. It’s so frustrating! If you organize your garden seeds, you’ll avoid a lot of that. I pour over catalog after catalog. I make lists. I map out my garden. (Click here to see how to plan your garden) Later, I get all misty-eyed at some garden ad or a new catalog I’ve never seen before, and I accidentally order something I’ve already ordered.

It’s annoying to be excited to receive your onion sets and then later get another box full. Where in the world am I going to plant all of these? No one wants to waste money or time. What can we do to make sure we are ordering seeds we need?

How to Organize Garden Seeds

The first thing you need to do is get your garden plan made. It’s best to make a map of the space you have any write down what you want to eat and how much room they take to grow. Then map them out and see what you actually have room for.

Overcrowding your garden may give your more variety of crops, but you may find they don’t grow as well if they are too crowded. It’s better to plant too few than too many. You might find more success that way.

Seed packet organizer

If you already have seeds, click here to check how long they are supposed to last. You may be able to use a lot of what you have stored. These times are, of course, just a range, and not exact. Seed viability will depend on how they are stored. Humidity, temperature, and so many other things can affect seeds.

Once you have taken inventory of what you think might grow, make a list of what you still need. This way you won’t waste a bunch of money ordering seeds you already have.

How to Organize Garden Seeds

Order the best garden seeds

There are so many choices of places to get seeds. You can buy seeds at your local store. In my town, we don’t have any nurseries that sell seeds. We have big box stores like Walmart and Lowe’s that sell seeds, but they don’t carry a lot of organics or heirloom seeds. I much prefer to grow heirloom seeds in my garden. I can either drive an hour or more to get some seeds, or order online. I have a few seed catalogs that I love to order from.

I have been ordering seeds from the following companies and have gotten great quality seeds:

Seeds for Generations

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Renee’s Seeds

Seed Saver’s Exchange

High Mowing Organic Seed

There are plenty of other good seed companies, but these are my favorites. I check my list of what I need and start combing through the catalogs or websites and see who has the kind I want of which plant before ordering seeds.

Planning your vegetable garden

I rarely find all the seeds I’d like to plant in one place. I like to order a few from each and spread my business if I can. Things like sweet potato slips and seed potatoes don’t always come from the same companies that sell seeds. Garlic seed may be another company as well.

Just make sure the company you chose has a good reputation and sells quality seeds. My first year of gardening with the kids, I thought I didn’t know how to grow anything because a lot of what we bought did not germinate. I found out through more research that it was actually my seeds that were crap. I made sure not to order from that seed company again. This can happen at times. I don’t know what the problem was, but I know I’m glad I didn’t give up.


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Garden seed storage

Make sure when you find failure in your garden, and that’s part of gardening, that you don’t give up on gardening. It takes a lot of trial and error. It takes perseverance. It also takes a lot of learning and practice to grow good food. It’s totally worth the effort. Click here to see why it’s important to grow your own food.

Ordering the seeds you need is easier than you think with a little bit of planning. You also need to keep up with organizing your garden seeds. Don’t make the mistake I always make and think you will remember. I always think I will, and I never do. Make list, and check it twice. You’ll be glad you did.

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How to Organize Garden Seeds



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  1. Robin says:

    These are great tips! It’s so important to be intentional in planning your garden before you’re actually planting the seeds in the soil – it’s far too easy to get excited and not plan things out correctly, to the plants’ detriment!

  2. Kayla says:

    Great tips! These will definitely help keep me organized this year!

  3. Ugh, we have this problem all the time! Every year we order doubles or forget about the seeds we already had…. Thanks for the inspiration to plan it out in advance. 🙂

  4. Yavonna says:

    Thanks for the list 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for recommending these companies. Are they all non GMO? I’ve even seen heirloom seeds at the dollar store, but have no idea if they might even grow.

    • Hi Marjie!
      Usually dollar store seeds have a low rate of germination from my experience and what i’ve seen other people saying. They may grow, it never hurts to try. Yes, all of these companies have all non GMO seeds. 🙂 Thank you for asking and for reading!

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