The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

Isn’t it hard to find a good row marker for your garden? Who wants to spend a million dollars on those adorable store bought ones? Those are great, but when you have a lot of area to cover, you really want to have an economical option.

Marking rows in the garden

Over time, I have tried a lot of different things to mark our rows in the garden. Popsicle sticks disintegrate and leave my row without plant names. The little markers that come with the seedlings are great, but they are so small they get lost in the garden sprawl. I also have learned that the intense summer sun erases sharpie from any surface in just a few months.

The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

There are tons of great markers available for sale. You can get all kinds of gorgeous creations! Sometimes those expenses can really add up. I love having cheap or free things to use in my garden. Click here to see a bunch of money saving garden things.

The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

Creativity makes the garden even more fun

I love making my own markers for our garden rows. I love for the kids to get to make them too. Here are some great ideas you can do with your kids or on your own. My kids LOVE making art for the garden. Making these would be super fun for your garden. 

DIY Garden Markers

The Signs are Changing

Colorful Garden Markers

Not So Vintage Fork Plant Markers

I love all the creativity and variety in these. I also love that they look great. What do you do when you don’t have time to make these for every row in a large garden, or you don’t have all the supplies to make them?

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The last garden marker you’ll ever need!

My aunt Jodi told me about using old plastic mini blind slats. I had a friend who had hers melt in the window during a super-hot summer, so I asked her if I could have it before she threw it away. The middle of her slats melted, but the ends were still straight.

The key to using these slats is writing on them with PENCIL. It never fades and won’t wash away. The only way to get it off is to erase it. Even after several years, you can erase the name and reuse the marker for something else.

Find an old blind someone is throwing away like I did. That way, you will be saving another bunch of plastic from going into the landfill. I see them by people’s dumpsters on trash day all the time. They get broken or old and stained over time? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

Trash to treasure garden markers for free

I like to cut my slats long, about 8-10 inches long so I can see them through all the green in the garden. This one is a little shorter, but it was handy at the time. Then, just label them and poke them down into the dirt. They stand up great in all kinds of weather and never need to be replaced. I’ve been using the same ones for 6 years now. They are wide enough to write varieties, seed names, or whatever you want to record. I’m super happy with this system. Now if I could just get myself to remember to mark everything, we’d be doing great. This tip has changed my gardening. What is your best tip for the garden?

Don’t forget to pin for later.

The Last Garden Markers You’ll Ever Need

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  1. What a great and frugal idea! I love reusing things in the garden to get another lease of life from them. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I read this from top to bottom – twice – and opened all your links, without finding out . . . . . where did you get the cute metal signs that are on your pin? They are super spiffy.
    (were they in the neighbor’s trash???)

    • Ha ha, no, I bought them at a local nursery. Someone had hand made them. I was trying to show that you can get super cute ones but at $15 each, you couldn’t mark a very big garden with them without spending a fortune. I like to mix really cute ones with free to meet my budget better. Thanks for asking!

    • sheri says:

      I believe the marker can be found at:
      They appear to be available in three color choices and numerous herb or vegetable choices as well. They are currently sold at two fro $23.50

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