How to Open and Run a Successful Home Daycare Business Mastermind Program

Are you trying to get started in the daycare business but you don’t know where to start? Check out this opportunity to get one on one advice from a 23 year veteran of the business and run your own successful home daycare business.

How to open and run a successful home daycare business 

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Mastermind program

What you’ll get from the program:

For 30 days

Support and encouragement to get started in your home daycare business

Advice and feedback on your policies and procedures as well as your set up

Access to a private Facebook group of people like you who are just starting or getting ready to start the process of opening up

Answers to questions about what it might be like to own a home daycare business

Ideas for marketing your business and getting it up and running

(Feedback will be given at least 3 times per week up to even twice daily)

Home daycare mastermind program


Daycare startup mastermind program

What do you have to do to enroll in the program?

  1. Buy the book 
  2. Enroll in the mastermind program by sending an e-mail to and letting me know of your interest.
  3. Make a Paypal payment of $49 (instructions will be emailed after your initial contact e-mail)
  4. Join the Facebook group when you get your invitation.
  5. Get awesome advice and rock your new daycare business!

HOME DAYCARE BUSINESS PRACTICES: Running a family childcare home IS running a business. There are a few things you need to be doing in order to have good business practices for home daycare that will save you so much headache in the future. Child care is more successful when treated professionally.

Can you believe you can get all of this amazing help for just $49? Thirty full days of input and mentorship. I would have given anything to have had help like this when I started out. I love to help people and this is going to be so much fun!

Click here to get your book today! I can’t wait for us to get started! 

Let me help you start your business off on the right foot. 

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