How to Choose What to Plant

It’s the time of year when seed catalogs start pouring in. I read a book one time where they called them farmer porn. They are pretty juicy and appealing. You could spend a thousand dollars and get more seeds than you could ever plant easily. Be careful and put some planning into what you are going to get to make sure you have room to plant it and aren’t wasting your money. Chose what to plant wisely.

How in the world do we chose just what will fit in our gardens? Don’t you just want all the seeds? I know I do. I get so excited at the possibilities and want to go hog wild!

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I love getting a subscription for seeds of the month club. Their seeds are always quality and heirloom varieties as well. You get a surprise packet of 8 packages of seeds your first month and 4 every month after that for as long as you chose. Every seed I have received over the past few years has been a quality grower that we have gotten great harvests from. It’s fun to try new varieties you haven’t chosen before. My kids love when the envelope comes in the mail!

There are many great heirloom catalogs available. Google it and see what companies offer them and chose a few off those sites.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seeds for Generations. They are a small family company with super great quality seeds. I love to support small businesses too!
Heirloom Seeds from our Family to Yours

What do you do to pare down all those choices? There is a systematic way to make sure you don’t go crazy wazy and get things you can’t use.

How Do i choose what to plant in my garden?

Choosing what to plant


  1. Make a plan. Decide how many edibles and how many ornamentals you have. Click here to see how to plan an amazing garden. Draw a map of your garden and use that to see how much space you have for each thing.
  2. Research in those yummy catalogs or websites and see what varieties of each thing you’d like to grow is the best producer, grows well in your area, or has a unique or appealing quality or texture. If you have little garden space, chose varieties that are prolific producers, or build trellis and plan to grow upward. If you live in a cool climate with short growing times, make sure to pick quick maturing verities to maximize your results.
  3. Make a list of what you’d like and match it with your map. Make sure to leave several feet of space for sprawlers like squashes and tomatoes. You don’t need as much space to grow a carrot, radish or even pepper plants. Squash, cucumbers, melons, peas, beans and many other plants can grow up to save you space.
  4. Chose the things you most like to eat, and narrow down your list to what will fit in your space.
  5. Make your shopping lists from your master list and chose what company has what you’re looking for a make a list for each one. Click here to see how to keep it organized. 
  6. Put in your orders and sit back and excitedly wait.

It’s so exciting to plan out what you’re going to eat in the new garden season. The anticipation is almost as fun as harvesting. I look forward to this time of year every year.


Remember that some crops go in the ground in January/February and some don’t go in until June, so make sure to plan a variety of planting times and harvest times so it’s easier to keep up with the work load in the garden. Click here to see a month to month planting guide.

I can’t wait to hear all about your favorite varieties and what you’ve grown.

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How Do i choose what to plant in my garden?


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  1. Robin says:

    The major mistake that I made the first year that we had a garden was not planning an area for each type of seed based on how they grow throughout the summer. The zucchini grew HUGE and kept the carrots from getting enough sunlight; and the tomato plants were so close together that I couldn’t pick the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes in the center of the patch. These tips would have been great!

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