Garden Glory-Pears!

This week my Little Sprouts and I harvested 21 pounds of food.  Our pear tree has fire blight and is dying and we didn’t see any pears on it this year.  Sad, because we usually harvest over 250 pounds of pears.  To our surprise there were a handful of pears ripe on the tree this week, hiding from us and the ornery raccoons that usually help themselves to much of our fruit. 

harvesting watermelon with kids

We also picked this lovely 13 pound watermelon this week.

harvesting veggies with kids

The kids have so much fun in the garden exploring and finding treats.  I cannot remember what our life was like before we had all this great learning and exploration we enjoy in the garden.

picking radishes with kids

ladybug in the garden

Here the kids discovered a cute little ladybug crawling up the okra.

The days are cooling and the getting shorter so the time for the garden is coming to a close, but the garden has birthed so much awe and wonder for us this year.  I can’t wait until Spring!  I love cold weather and winter, but I’m going to miss all the fun we have watching amazing things grow.  Is anything still growing around you?


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