I don’t know about you but navigating all the paperwork I need to run my home daycare is a lot. I have worked hard to make all the forms I need and want to share free daycare forms with you.

Free Daycare Forms

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I don’t know about you but navigating all the paperwork I need to run my home daycare is a lot. I have worked hard to make all the forms I need and want to share free daycare forms for running a home daycare with you.

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In Oklahoma, there are a ton of requirements for forms. I hope these forms will help you, wherever you live, to get all the paperwork you need together to run your daycare.

For more tips for providers to help run your business, check this post out. 

It’s a huge time saver to be able to print out the forms you need and go about your day. If you are an Oklahoma Home daycare, click on this article, forms Oklahoma providers need to find DHS forms that are super hard to access on their website. I have the pdf forms listed there to save you the frustrating of trying to open them on their site. They never work.

Monthly emergency drills are part of running a daycare. Safety comes first, so we have to practice keeping kids safe. In Oklahoma, we are required to do monthly fire and tornado drills and to check our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly.

In addition, we are required to practice evacuation from the facility yearly as well as keep up with the expiration date of our fire extinguishers. I have two forms here for you to use. One with monthly drills, and one with all of the drills and tests. Click on the text for the one you need for your area.

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Free daycare forms

Click on the free printable pdf here to print out a copy of a daycare emergency contact form you can fill out and keep next to your phone or on your bulletin board. This helps you keep all your numbers in one place. In Oklahoma, we are required to have them posted all in one place. I like to laminate mine each year when the biggest kids go to school and new ones come in. That way it holds up for the whole year.

Check out this pdf for a free printable incident report for your daycare. When someone gets a boo-boo, you can fill in what happened and keep these on hand in the child’s file.

A daily schedule is one of the secrets to success in home daycare. If you don’t keep the kids busy, they will keep you busy and not in a good way. You need things for them to do and places they are free to play with little direction from you.

This article on daily schedules will help you with what you need to know and it has a free printable version you can print out and fill in for your use as well as a sample of our daily schedule at Little Sprouts.

Check out the attendance sheet I have available on Etsy with everything you need to record each week in your daycare. It’s perfect for in and outs and has space for 8 people. It also has a place to record payments so everything is together for the month on one sheet. It fits perfectly in a notebook, so you can print out twelve of them, fill in the number dates and punch holes in them to use them for the year.

At the end of the year, or sometimes more often if a parent requests it, you’ll need to have a childcare receipt for parent payments. Many providers struggle with all of the paperwork, so I’ve made a printable end of the year receipt that can be used any time of year for a monthly or weekly receipt for parents. Click on the highlighted text to check it out.

Printable daycare forms

If you are looking for a daily planner that you can print out to plan out your day, check ours out on Etsy. It has a place for your lesson plans, menus, your evening plans, and everything a provider needs to keep their day in order. You download it and can print it once or 1000 times with that one download.

We also have some planning packs to help you with your meal planning for home, menu planning for daycare, or other forms like infant daily reports, licensing visit checklists, and more. Click here to go to our Etsy site.

Making sure that your home daycare idea is viable finically is an important step in opening. You can get a printable business plan that helps you know what expenses and streams of income you can expect and plan out the financial part of your business. Just click on the highlighted link.

For tons of free information on how to write your own contract and policies, check this post out. There’s even a picture of my contract there and a pdf of my business policies that you are welcome to use as is or copy and change them to work for your business. If you want help writing a custom contract, you can purchase that service at Daycare Time Solutions.

For more free forms and lots of information on starting your own home daycare, check out my book on Amazon here. It has everything you need to know about starting your business loving kids.

I hope you find what you need for success in your home daycare business. My hope with my blog is to help providers live a better and simpler life while having more fun along the way. Enjoy access to these free forms and a few extra ones you can purchase for making your daycare days easier.

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