Daycare Home Tour- A Day Full of FUN!

There is an amazing childcare organization, Family Childcare in Action, in my area that supports home daycare providers in a number of ways.  We are so blessed!  Today they had a daycare home tour so providers could see other set ups and learn new ideas.  There were several homes on the tour as well as my childcare garden and even a center.  Very cool!  I didn’t attend the tour because I wanted to make the providers some goodies, but I couldn’t wait for them to get here.

daycare garden tour

I showed them the garden and some of the things we had been learning.  They had lots of great questions.

providers touring garden

Home tours are so much fun because providers can see  a variety of ways to set up their home.  I have attended 4 home tours in the past, and I learned a ton from each one!  There is a virtual home tour online where you can look at pictures of multiple homes and get some great ideas as well.  You can see it here.  Having a home tour in person is even more fun because you get to hang out with the providers as you tour around.

daycare home tour playroom tour

The ladies came inside and toured through the house.  Then I served them some homemade pico de gallo made with fresh veggies from the garden.  I also served cupcakes because who doesn’t love a great cupcake?  I had two sets of curriculum I had received from USDA, and used this summer.  I had a drawing so two providers could take them home to use.  If you want to get copies of free healthy eating and gardening curriculum to use in your daycare, click here.  Some of these activities are downloadable and some you can order for free delivery to your home.  They are a great resource!

daycare home tour prizesdaycare home tour snacks

I had the best time hosting these ladies and I can’t wait to hear what they learned while they were out.  If you have a local organization, I highly recommend you suggest a daycare home tour.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn and how much fun you’ll have doing it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the recipe for my pico de gallo AND the delicious cupcakes.  Yum yum.  🙂


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