The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is this week and my mind is on how my heart is feeling. So often we get so wrapped up in gifts and making everything perfect, we lose sight of why we are really celebrating. What is the true meaning of Christmas?

It’s Jesus’ birthday. It’s time for loving and giving. It doesn’t matter if it’s the exact day Jesus was born, but it is the day we celebrate it. 

The True Meaning of Christmas

As I reflect on the past year and all the heartache and joy that has come with it, I am reminded of the great blessings I have in my life. I am reminded of the great sorrow I have felt. I am reminded of the joy and peace that I have gained.

What Christmas really means.

Family Vacations are a must for continuing to love your job year after year. Family time is important, especially when you live at your job!

Christmas is about love.

Within the past two months I have lost two people who were very dear to my heart. Both were very young, within just 4 years younger or older than my age of 43. Both were not ill or expected to be lost so soon.

There was shock. There was disappointment. There was great sorrow for those they left behind and how their lives would change. There was anger at the unfairness of it all. There was joy at the amazing and special ways they touched the lives of others. They were loved….deeply.

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This year my only child graduated from college and moved away. I think about the great excitement I felt as I was moving out on my own for the first time. I think about the satisfaction of being on your own and taking care of yourself.

I wonder what she is eating…or how she deals with washing her own clothes and stuff. I know she is determined and can do anything, but she’s my baby, I want to do it for her. I am more proud of her than I could ever put into words. She amazes me endlessly…

Christmas is about joy.

This year we fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing Niagara Falls. We took our daughter there for a graduation celebration. It was amazing, and the time spent together was irreplaceable.

This year was full of blessings in our garden. The kids and I learned so many valuable lessons and were blessed to be able to eat some healthy and delicious food. I learned to like a lot more healthy foods and taught some children and some adults to do the same.

We gained so much health, physically and mentally from the experience of building and tending that little piece of heaven. I cannot even tell you what the garden does for my mental health!

The simple meaning of Christmas

This year we felt great sorrow as our Pastor of the past 18 years left our church. Change is so hard. But God has great things in store for their family as well as ours. He is moving on with his life and he and his wife are working toward their new goals.

Our church merged with another church and we are learning and changing as we get to know a lot of new ways and new people. We have a different place in the church body, which is strange and interesting. It’s been difficult to adjust but I do trust that God has a plan for me and when He reveals it to me, I will walk through the doors He opens.

This year I lost some children at the age of moving on and I gained some new ones. Getting to know new people and missing the old ones is part of what I do here, but it never gets any easier for me.

I am very blessed to have a wonderful group of families to provide care for. This job can be very difficult when you have difficult families to deal with every day. Many times it’s difficult to find people to work with who are the right fit. I am blessed beyond measure. I love that I love what I do every day.

This year I have continued to grow closer to my husband and best friend. He has supported me, helped me and loved me whether I was lovable or not. He has helped me become the person I am today and he has stood beside me through all these changes.

This year I have felt the love of my family. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a family like mine, but I am grateful. I have learned how to be a better daughter, sister, sister in law, niece, cousin, and aunt than I was before. I am loved and I am blessed.

True meaning of Christmas

This year I have felt the love of my Savior even more than ever. He loves me immeasurably. He holds me in the palm of His hand. He is my God, my friend, my confidant, and I couldn’t live one day without His love.

I have felt more peace this Christmas than ever before. I have felt more loved. I have felt more love for others. I have been calmer. I have struggled less to be perfect and accepted that things are ok. I have been working hard to focus on what matters.

My God, my family, and helping others. Other concerns seem to melt away.

What Christmas Means to Me

So what Christmas means to me today is the love I feel. It’s not about presents or making the tree perfect. It’s not about planning everything to the t. It’s not about being perfect or outdoing someone else.

It’s about the love of a Savior who died for us, it’s about being close to the ones we love and showing them we care. It’s about kindness to a stranger, or helping someone who needs a hand up.

Christmas means giving

How about instead of spoiling our own kids with a ton of toys they don’t need, we take a little time and give to someone who has nothing. How about we take a few minutes out of our day to reach out to someone who is hurting or lonely? How about we show kindness to someone who isn’t kind?

What are some things you can think of to do to make someone’s life better? Can you volunteer to serve Christmas dinner at the homeless shelter? Can you fill up someone’s car with gas? Can you help a single mom give Christmas to her kids?

Can you adopt an angel off the angel tree? Can you knit a stocking cap or quilt a blanket for someone who is cold? What about giving someone who is lonely a smile or a hug? We have plans to do some of these things and we are so excited!

Tell me something you have done or are planning to do to share some holiday spirit this week? I would LOVE to hear about it!

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The True Meaning of Christmas



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  1. Beautiful post! To me Christmas is about that aura and feeling of love and joy that just surrounds everyone and everything. It’s time for my family to just show the love we have for each other that we don’t always remember to!

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